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Need Advice


I need an objective eye. What should I be focusing my training on? I am currently in a "bulking phase" consuming 500 kcals more than maintenance which comes out to around 4200. I have gained about 4-5 lbs in the last month. I need more overall size but I want to make sure I come out looking symmetric and proportional. I think I know what body parts I should work on but with the risk of influencing others opinions I will refrain from stating them with exception of calves which is just flippin obvious and I hate them. They will never grow, it seems to be a lot of genetics genetics, I mean I am a natural sprinter and tennis pro so what the hell. Anyways any help would be greatly appreciated. Oh yah and here is some stats if this would help...

barely 5'8"
About 165-167 lbs in the morning, 10%bf(though I feel its more like 12%)
22 years old
Bench press = just did 245X3
Squat = 365x2
Squat to low box (12inches)= 235x4
Pull-up = 45lb plate x8, 65x3
Push Press = 185x5
Dips = 90lbsx8

My workout has been this:
Monday - Chest, Rows
Tue - Legs (Hamstrings focus), Calves
Thur - Shoulders, Vertical back (pull-ups, chinups)
Fri - Legs (Quads focus), Calves

My goal is to get to 185lbs at 4% bf which will obviously take awhile (doing it naturally). Thinking about just slowly gaining 4lbs a months so I can stay relatively lean till I get to about 185lb and cutting to 6% bf. Then start slowly gaining again. I hate not looking lean like I do now.

But like I said before any help on what I should work on would be great. Thanks in advance. 1luv


Here are some more pics to help


More pics






Yet another... oh yah and I KNOW my legs are white, I can't play tennis in the nude. I mean I could but I'd scare away all my business.


focus on every bodypart. your not big enough yet to focus on any specific body part.


157lbs in this picture in mid feb. I started S2B did it for a good month and a half and then got the stomach flu from one of friends, puked my brains out and couldn't eat for like 2 weeks. Then I slowly started getting back into it during the summer.


Look good man, keep eating and training!