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Need Advice


Hey, I need some advice on getting back started working out. I used to workout regularly but slacked off when I first got to college and now unfortunately Im back to being a beginner. I wrestle for the University of Alabama and Im wanting to gain some strength. Im not interested in size right now, only because I have to keep at a certain weight class during the season. I plan on trying to put on some bulk during the offseason. What kind of exercises and sets/reps would you recommend for someone in my situation. Any and all help would be greatly appreciated. I am after all here to learn.


What kind of wrestling program do they have that they aren't having you lift?


Seriously though (I had to get the asshole out of my system), I'd stick to the core lifts and keep reps per set under 6 since you don't want to gain much mass, and lots of core stabilization work. I haven't wrestled since high school, but that was basically what I did in season.


Well thanks to title 9, we only have a club program here like almost all SEC teams so Im kinda on my own for lifting.



Title 9 can suck my left nut, our wrestling program was also a victim, but we couldn't swing a club wrestling team.

On second thought I don't think I'd let title 9 near one of my nuts, let alone both of them.


Check out some of Waterbury's articles.He's pretty much got articles to cover everything.For your particular question the rep/set bible would be a good place to start.