Need Advice

Im 23 5’4" 185LBS, Im looking to lose weight and gain muscle I would like some advice on nutrition supplementation and training.

I did the body for life thing for 12 weeks when i was 20 and lost 40lbs unfortunatly i was still fat. I have no problem being dedicated this is something i really want. I was looking at the fat to fire program and the melt down program but i am worried they might be to much to handle.

Also I cant do anything dairy due to chrons disease. This is something I really need to do for myself and would love feed back.

I plan on posting pics of before and in proggress when I start which I plan On starting in a week or 2 once ive compiled some much needed info, Thanks in advance to anyone that can help me

Im also open to any trainers in the south florida area that might want to get paid for the advice

Honestly thats some BROAD topics any of us could ramble a ton

Read this and the links on the first post and come back with more direct ?'s

Hope that helps,

There is nothing wrong with the BFL program for a beginner. Fitness is not just a short term thing but is a total lifestyle change. Stay focused, set goals and keep at it.

Rome wasn’t built in a day, be patient it will happen if you are willing to make the sacrafices it takes. Nothing worthwhile is ever easy and building a better body is no exception. There are NO shortcuts.

Everyone’s body is unique, but stay focused, train hard, eat healthy and don’t quit and I guarantee you will see results.