Need Advice

Sorry for bad english - not my main language… :slight_smile:

Anyhow, I am a bit overweight, almost 230LBS, and 6’2 (193cm) think it’s correct… :slight_smile:

Anyhow, I need to loose about 22 pounds, in the next 7 months, hope it’s possible and tone? my body, make the mantits smaller :wink:

I don’t use any suppliments, should i start using hydroxycut?

I have a good stamina, can easily run for a long time… i run for 30mins every day, and do weight training 4 times a week.

My diet is not very good, but I am trying to maintain it ok…

So… I need to loose about 22-26 pounds in the next 6-7 months and tone my body. I would like to be able to eat almost normally…


Take everything you know about eating and nutritian and throw it out the window. Then read every article you can find by Dr. John Berardi. (search by author…)

Most people consider ‘eating normally’ a muffin for breakfast, mcdonalds for lunch, a sensible dinner (damn you slim fast), and a bag of popcorn or a pint of icecream at the end of the night. Toning up and loosing bf is all about diet. You can work out all you want, but if your pwo meal has the word ‘mcvalue’ in the name, dont even think about it.

Thanks, I’m reading his website at the moment, looking good sofar :slight_smile: