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Need Advice

Ive got to have a shoulder surgery in the next week or so.(clavicle resection from weightlifters shoulder) Anyone out there been through this one before. Doc says no pressing for 3 months. Any advice on things I can do to limit the strength/muscle loss? I thought about trying just to deal with the injury and go on since I am nearing PRs in all my lifts, but every time I try to do any presses, dips, etc its just about impossible. Everyone ive talked to said the surgery is the only option if I want to continue lifting. Any advice would be good.

I had the same problem with shoulder surgery in my left arm couldn’t do dips or any type of bench for almost 1 year. My personal experience with this is do what the surgeon tells you and as soon as you begin your recovery work a little harder than they tell you to, if you are a little more hard core than their normal patient. Within 6 months after my surgery I was back to my old bench of 325 and one year after that which is pretty close to now my bench is 425. The best exercises I found to help me out was doing rotators with 10 to 15 pounds until failure PM me if you don’t know what I mean by rotators. Get well soon.

What exactly are you having done?
I had both ends of my A/C joint shaved back 1/8 inch each. No ligament or tendon work done, though. I was into rehab within 2 weeks, back benching within 6 weeks.

Let the injured shoulder rest for at least a week after surgery. But train the uninjured shoulder with maximal resistance because there will be some carryover of strength. About 1-2 weeks after surgery start to regain range of motion in the injured shoulder using various methods (dynamic and/or static flexibility, PNF, ART, rolfing, ext) when range of motion is optimal, start doing light resistance training (structural training) to strengthen muscles, tendons, ligaments first 2-4 weeks use this scheme 1-4 sets of 100 reps with light resistance. per iodize your training using the this basic injuring rehab plan: weeks 1-4 (structural training) 1-4 sets of 100 reps with light resistance, weeks 5-8 stay with the structural them and decrease reps to around 10 using 3-4 sets with moderate resistance, weeks 9-12 (functional training) are devoted to achieving maximum strength in the injure shoulder by using maximal resistances with 5-10 sets and 1-5 reps. This plan might differ from some of the so called gurus but it works.
Feel free to ask questions.