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Need Advice


Alright, Gents, well my problem is this; there's a group of roughly 13 lads that congregate the area I need to pass to go home. I'm fine with them being there, etc. However; they recently started to annoy me, I mean being little smart asses infront of their girlfriends, coming out with sly remarks when I walk passed with my headphones on. I just continue walking and listen to my music like they said nothing, being fine with that, too.

But today when I was jogging one of them threw a goddamn house brick and it just missed my head. I turned back and walked up to them and asked who threw it, which now I feel was very stupid, obviously no one was admitting to it. They weren't saying anything and I wasn't that angry to start hitting random people, but if I knew who it was I would have.

I feel that now because I havn't done anything about this, they might feel it necessary to start throwing shit everytime I walk passed. How would you guys go about handling this, exluding getting my own friends involved?


When in groups like that, people will get a pack mentality. They'll get bigger balls because there's numbers. The odds are, though, if they were fighters, someone woulda got at you as soon as you challenged them. So they're just jerkoffs.

Avoid that area. Odds are is there's another route you can take to get where you want to go. If you continue to use that route, do not be surprised if trouble comes your way. And if it does, at that point you deserve it.


Yeah. There is a high probability that confronting these guys will get you a gang-beating for your efforts. There is no training or strategy that is going to allow you to win against 13 guys. Or even 3 guys.

Avoid them.


Systema, Wingchun, Krav Magra, Akido, HV-10 (which is a knockoff of Marine Special Operations and Navy Seal hand to hand training, and Kali (use asp as to not kill them).


A)They most likely have no combat expierence

B)If you completely crush one of them by way of a heel kick to the kneecap and a knee to the face they'll run

C)If your not fond of blood and don't know the above arts then avoid the area.


OP- don't listen to this bullshit. This is internet tough guy talk.

Stay the fuck away from the area. No super secret martial art or heel kick to the knee is going to save your ass against a number of people who have already shown a proclivity towards using weapons and violence.


OP do not listen to this bullshit, from lsimpson08 ,its drivel.
and likely to get you hurt.

Keep, your head down, walk quickly, and don't get involved.
Goons act up in groups- just really try hard to avoid them
whether that be walking another route, taking a bus or what ever.



They threw a brick and no one manned up, that's equals them being bitches. And all of those styles of MA have been combat proven otherwise multiple governments would not implement them into training, (Aside from Wingchun/Akido, but I've seen exhibitions of multiple opponents all trying to shit kick them.)

Next, Irish... Boxing and Americanized Karate is a sport, if you hit someone under the armpit they will drop what they are holding, if you heel kick a kneecap they will fall, and if you strike someones adam's apple they will die. Just because you forgot to take your man pills your whole life and take shit doesn't mean others should.

Krav Magra, Multiple Opp training ; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qz4iy2-a4s0

Systema, Multiple Opp video is on there, this is the same stuff Russian Spetsna's had to train for decades; http://www.russianmartialart.com/main.php?page=clips

Akido, Multiple Opponent training, keep in mind Akido was designed as a way to 1-2 hit kill or incapacitate enemies and as such this is just a demonstration; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rbZUEJm-M7Y

Wingchun, Multiple Opponents, I've been thru one of his seminars on the east coast and he is impossible to hit or grab ahold of; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C242B99U_C4

So Irish, do everyone a favor; just because your tard ass is limited don't limit others. And if you doubt any one of those arts I dare you to find a avid practitioner of your skill level and try to box or use Americanized (I got a gay little belt) karate on them.


I'm not telling him to do it. If he's game about fighting people then I'm giving avenues to learn something that'll achieve his goal. As far as my drivel is concerned, when you have actual experience in combat and trying to kill someone let me know otherwise go put on your faded USA jacket and relive your glory days, because seriously some of the shit that you say is as dumb as 2 day old dog crap.


I grew up in Brooklyn dickneck. Before it was cool.
When it was unsafe and catalog ninjas like you, played in the dandelions of the outfield.
I grew up in the ghetto- and it sucked.

You are telling him to do it.

"B)If you completely crush one of them by way of a heel kick to the kneecap and a knee to the face they'll run"

bad advice.
obviously you , have never been on the receiving end of a stomping party.
or gotten jacked in the subway, or public school bathrooms.

Run allong and go back to your catalog ninja fantasies, and while your at it.
go re-edit your stats, its amazing how you went from 196 at 5% to 210 in a matter of days



Please you ignorant motherfucker. You're proving with every post that you don't know shit.

Multiple governments implementing them? As what? Their national "fighting art"?

Governments don't intend for their soldiers to have to try to defend themselves without a weapon. That's why they give them weapons in the first place.

On top of that- have they really been "combat proven?" You've seen systema used on a battlefield? Krav Maga?

Or have you just watched too many movies and they've convinced you that they would work?

Man pills? Really? How many times have you actually grabbed someone's adam's apple and squeezed as hard as you could while you were holding their head against the ground?

Could you tell me what it looks like when they start shaking and puking all over your buddy's deck?

Don't talk to me about "man pills" biddy boo. You don't know where the fuck I've come from or what the fuck I've done.

Oh right right. Seminars and training demos prove that everything works. I forgot.

The last time I was in a fight against multiple attackers (not some fucking demo), it was to save a friend of mine that had gone down. As soon as I got in the fray I got punched in the mouth (which broke a tooth), punched in the eye (split it) and punched in the back of the head within about three seconds.

And honestly, I was lucky because none of them used weapons.

Listen douchebag, I never took some point karate bullshit- it was TMA meant for situational fighting. And I've learned to box because it's the simplest, most effective way of using my hands, which allows me to get the fuck out of where I am after I land my shots.

Real fights aren't like "Roadhouse." You don't take out fifteen guys with kicks to the knees and spinning backfists.

More often then not, it happens like it did to a friend of mine when a drug deal went bad- he got out of the car, and some ghetto banger hit him with a brick in the back of the head. He woke up in the hospital. Or like when an old friend of mine hit a guy with a cue ball in a sock because the guy had punched him (by mistake) and split his lip. Or like when a couple friends of mine got into a brawl at a bar and shattered a pint glass on a guy's face before he knew they were fighting- gave him a few dozen stitches.

This is not the ring or the cage. If I'm going to get at you, I'm coming with a weapon and from behind you when you're hammered drunk. I don't give a fuck what martial art you do.

But keep giving advice that will make the OP feel like a pussy for not confronting these guys. It's on you when he gets curbed.

You know what the best part is? If he walks up to them and does some fancy 1-2 move and kills one, you know what that's called? Murder- at the least, manslaugter. Then they lock his ass up for fifteen or twenty years.


Hahaha, Brooklyn nice. Ok leotard boy, let me enlighten you on a few things, I have been on the receiving end of a stomp fest, many times which is why I learned how to defend my self from such things. The next, It's been Statistically proven that if you use overwhelming physical violence the average asshole will run, so just because your queerbate wrestling and sport judo (which is a sport of cooperation now adays) can not achieve such results does not mean its not possible, it is and has been proven time and again or whole military's would not use Krav Magra, Systema, or Hv-10 and whole countries would not seek out and pay 100's of thousands of dollars for Akido and Wingchun grandmasters to train personal bodyguards of diplomats and dignitary's, but again your some loser in Brooklyn who's never been in a life and death situation, grow the hell up, people live and die by true combat arts every day, again statistic.

And here, I'll describe a kneecap to you. You kick it the knee buckles backward, tendons are sometimes ripped partially or snapped completely and the result trauma will often render them unconcious or incapable of continuing to fight, which is why its a prescribed means of stopping a threat in many systems of martial sciences.

And by you constantly calling me a catalog ninja when you don't even know me only cements your insecurity's and lack of experience in applying force to disable and incapacitate people.

And before its brought up, Boxing, Kickboxing, and Wrestling has only been proven as the supperior "Sport fighting", not practical means to kill, maim, or disable physical aggressors.


Actually they initiated the confrontation by way of a brick. Group of gang bangers with records will always lose to the plea of "Self Defense". Your logic so skewed I'd have to get hit with a brick to make sense of it, go back to e-pimping girl's.


yeah i agree with the guys about avoiding it. if you really want to feel like a "badass" i guess you could bring your friends and duke it out but that really seems pointless unless they actually physically attack you. ive had my share of non organized fights and they never end well even if you win. good luck and stay safe.


I don't believe you. At all.

Prove it. Give me a source.

As compared to what deadly art that you do?

And as I recall, Sonny Barger said that wrestlers always faired the best in prison fights that he'd seen. Go figure. Only for queers though.

No proof of this.

Prove it.

Every military has their hand to hand fighting skill. It's basic and involves the use of weapons whenever possible. Knowing Krav or systema doesn't mean shit, especially depending on how how much you actually learn of it.

They teach you the very basics, and move you back to the weapons range.

Again, prove it. Where are these aikidoists dueling in the streets? The krav artists fighting in life or death battles?

And I guaran-fucing-tee that that doesn't happen every time you're in a fight. Sometimes, you slip because the floor is wet. Or sometimes, the guy is on meth and doesn't even feel it. You truly don't get it.

No, it's because you clearly don't know what you're talking about.

Really? Then how come all these boxers who get in street fights do so damn well? Like Arturo Gatti, Tyson, Kelly Pavlik... hell, the list goes on.

If boxing is so useless, why did they have Joe Louis teach combatives to the Army in WWII? I thought military shit was the be all end all?


Ah yes, the internet, where everyone has a blackbelt and a 500 lbs bench press



In nearly every state, you must retreat if you have the option. The only time that you can stand your ground is in your home, and in some fucked up states like Massachusetts you have to do your best to leave your own house before you fire on an intruder.

See, this is what your bullshit crap doesn't teach - they're called laws. And if this guy gets a brick thrown at him, he's probably not (in the eyes of the law) allowed to do anything if he has the option of getting away.

And when the cops get there, those guys are going to say that they never threw the brick, and unless it's on camera it's his word against theirs.

I'm not saying that I wouldn't do the same thing, but I also am acknowledging that it would most likely be illegal, and I would fully expect to get arrested for simple assault when the cops got there.

Again, you have NO FUCKING CLUE what you're talking about. Get the fuck off these boards.


Its not even about that, KMC and Irish need to get over themselves and realize while yes they may be experts at wrestling, boxing, and "situational" which is still point karate jackass, they have no clue about combat effective martial arts that actually teachs the science of dealing with multiple opponents. And Slimjim seeing as how I really doubt you have any experience in this ethier, kindly troll somewhere else.


I don't like telling stories because I know people read them and say, "Yea, I bet that really happened" and then dismiss it as internet bullshit. But I don't know how else to illustrate my points....


I am no expert at anything. Neither are you. But my experiences in bars and "the street" far exceed anything in a sparring ring.

You can't reply because you have no answers and are wrong. Now take your trolling cunt ass back to Sherdog and go hang out with the rest of the dickless fucking internet warriors.


Irish, you've obviously never used the plea self defense, I have several times on the street, after I got off work at a nightclub, and in the nightclub. And cop's will always be bias againest previous offenders.

And to the "get the fuck off these boards" when you've studied even half the martial arts I have then you can talk shit, until them go throw fist like those old punch out games and leave questions you have no clue about to the people who actually have a valid and informative answer.