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Need Advice. US Doctors Can't Help. Very High Cholesterol, Losing Hair


How much do you weigh? Currently, that is.
Actually, never mind that. Because the answer is “Not enough”. Point blank.

You’ve mentioned about a handful of key words that are signaling to the rest of us, that you’re still blatantly sick, but your test results remind me all too well of everything I once had to go through.

You’re not completely honest when it comes to explaining exactly what it is that you do on a day to day basis, and obviously if you’re deceiving the doctors that are trying to help you, I can guarantee you won’t be upfront with us.

Usually when someone with an eating disorder shows levels of both HDL, and LDL being unusually high, they binge, with or without forced vomiting, and it doesn’t matter all that much what you binge on. Pizza and cookies, or steamed veggies and lean meat.

As mentioned before, you’ve been forcefully dwindling yourself down into a malnourished shell of a being.

You kind of gave yourself away with this post as well:

You go through a pattern of severe restriction, coupled with trying to go the gym in order to achieve some physique that is unattainable, given your current situation. I’m willing to bet my last bottom dollar after that, your ghrelin levels are through the roof and you binge in some form or fashion. The amount of a binge is unique to each individual. When I would binge I would go into a frenzy and consume upwards of 10-13,000 calories in one sitting.

Point being, your lab results are telling the truth, despite you telling us and the doctors something totally different. If you were steadily trying to eat more and more throughout the years, your cholesterol would’ve stabilized.

There’s a few of us on here, including myself, who have come back or are fighting our way out from eating disorders. The tone of my post seems rather tame, but every single time I see you post, it stirs up a whirlwind of memories and feelings. There’s a couple of things that really get under my skin, and this topic is one of them.

I really have nothing against you, for one I don’t even know you, but as I’ve said before, you need to stop kidding yourself. This isn’t a game, or a little shindig to indulge in at the moment, it’s not a lifestyle, it’s not pretty, it’s a mental illness. And it’s a situation where you lose. Every. Single. Time.


Hello and thank you

Is there diabetes in your family? No, my grandfather had diabetes, but it was 2 type.

Is there a history of dementia in your family? No

How old are you? I’m 24 now.

Where where you living relative to Chernobyl? Not close and it was before I was born.

Did you have normal menstrual cycles-during what ages? From age 13-14, very painful, always with pain pills and injections, frequently fainted.

Were you ever very sick as an infant or child? No, but I have OAB from 4 y.o., with no treatments.

How do you feel aside from being worried about high cholesterol and blockages?

This OAB killing me and I could not live like this anymore. I literally have no life and I hate it because of lack of things I could do. With all my stress about hair loss and painful tendon xanthomas, it’s became even more frequent so I hardly make a 45 workout at the gym.

I also don’t actually workout, it’s a very lazy workout without any sweat. I’m gaining weight and I never binge like was mentioned here before, and never did.

All my doctors see me in person and, my dear girl who advices a lot here, TRUST ME! I AM SOOO TIRED OF ALL MY UNSOLVED DISEASES THAT I AM NEVER LIE ABOUT ANYTHING TO MY DOCTORS! Because I want final relief! I want normal life!! without holding all the time! without looking for a restroom and without missing everything in life because I don’t know if there will be a restroom or not. And nobody ever will understand what I’m going through!

So, could you blame me for hating my life?

I ask you for advice because you all read and know more then I do about natural treatments and support to healthy lifestyle.

I believe there is some natural sub for Minoxidil. Or for some harsh statins which are not helpful at all and Oh, by the way, they are ruining muscles!

So please, stop write to me like I’m stupid anorexic. I’m just a person who want yo have final relief at least in one of my disease.

I want to go to theatre and sit there for entire act at least once in me life! without worrying if i’m able to hold it a minute longer…

P.s. Never binge. Never loose weight by eating only one thing or only drinking water or etc.


The vast majority of us on here, have had rough instances in life. You can either lie down, roll over, and let life beat you down even further, or you can stand up and keep pressing forward. Life is still very enjoyable, and it’s up to you to change your perspective to keep pushing forward.


I hear you.
But I need to go to the restroom every 15 minutes. And I hold it up to one hour during the day to be able to go to work, to doctor’s appointment, to classes. So tell me how could I enjoy life? I couldn’t even go to the cinema. I couldn’t go for a long walk with anybody except myself, because when I’m alone I could rush and panicly start to look for closest toilet without embarassment and without ruining somebody’s mood.
If you are able to tolerate a friend like me with alike health issue - please let me know.


I could definitely tolerate a friend like that! I’m sure most people could.

I can’t pretend to understand what it must be like for you to have these health issues, but please don’t think that it makes you unlovable. People will still be your friend.


You know… the saddest part is alopecia. I don’t want to start Minoxidil or Rogaine, but don’t know what other options I have… It really feels like God just keep punishing me for something my entire life.


I am so sorry that you are having such a rough time.

Can I ask (maybe you posted already and I missed it?) what is your current height and weight?

Alopecia can be difficult to pin down and treat. But if you’re still as thin (or thinner) than your previous pics, malnutrition could certainly be the cause… and correcting your nutrient deficiencies by eating sufficiently would seem to be the cure. I wish you the best of luck.