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Need Advice. US Doctors Can't Help. Very High Cholesterol, Losing Hair


Hi guys.
I’m in the US now and, when having free time - all of it goes to searching and visiting a doctor.
You judge me pretty far, but here is a thing - even US doctors couldn’t understand etymology of my disease, surprised I have so many of them, and tell me the reason is Chernobyl (lol) and genetic mutation, which I was born with (i actually think it some kind of doctor’s way of saying “I don’t know why it’s happened”).
So, my cholesterol is 850. it’s familial hyperlipidemia, but I don’t have anybody in my family with the same levels of cholesterol.
I still have my amenorrhea and new ob-gyn prescribed birth control pills, which will give me only cosmetic effect and will not solve the problem.
I still going bald, and pretty expensive dermatologist here in new york just taking advantage of me and keep asking to make biopsy “just to be sure” while prescribing Rogaine.

I have for you all only one question - Do you think that Rogaine-Minoxidil is the only way to go?
I know, there are a lot of extremely powerful people who find out on their own how to cure different disease just with supplements, workouts and meal plan changing. I hope I will find somebody here who could tell me which other option I might have; and maybe somebody here knows so excited doctor who loves his field and ready to think outside the box. It doesn’t matter for me anymore where he/she lives - I will travel to that state in a second, because when Mount Sinai’s cardiologists tell you “Well, I’ve never seen something like this before, your case definitely stays aside of what we had here… Maybe you should consult with genetics” - it’s not giving you any hope and any light at the end of darkness tunnel… ;(


You might want to look for holistic doctors or someone who infuses eastern medicine with western medicine. They can look at this from a different POV than a doc whose been trained in the medical industry here in the west.

What do you mean by Chernobyl . Were you living in the vicinity when it happened?


Take some advice from Bill Cosby (actually I think this was Eddie Murphy😏)…have a coke and a smile and relax (G-version)!!

No seriously…no clue.


A healthy well balanced diet rich in vitamins and minerals.

Or were we supposed to see some off the charts cholesterol number and say “Oh my. You should stop eating…”.

Not gonna happen.


What else is in the differential other than cholesterol. It’s hard to make any suggestions without a clearer picture. I graduate med school this year so I’ll help if I can


this is the thing - nothing else. all other blood tests are normal, only cholesterol is extremely high. specifically low-density. and I don’t have family history of hyperlipidemia.
I have already found tendom xanthomas, and on CTA coronaries they found soft plaques…


This person suffers from anorexia and an image disorder. They first posted about having “hulk-like shoulders” and posted pictures of themselves with little muscle mass and dangerously low body fat levels. Even when confronted with the idea that they had an eating disorder, they continued to post pictures featuring a fully exposed rib cage. As for the high cholesterol levels, anorexics frequently have high cholesterol levels despite not eating. It has to do with a poor ability to process cholesterol. Don’t take my word for it, look it up. I wish her well, but if you click on her profile you can see the threads she’s made and the pictures she’s posted. This is not some mystery that doctors can’t figure out. There are people here with extensive knowledge of nutrition and exercise waiting and willing to help this individual, whenever she is ready to accept that help.


tell me more tell me more about the relationship between cholesterol and anorexia.


Not sure if you were joking, serious and desperate, or trying to give an attitude, but nobody here is going to speak with your doctor for you, so do not post their contact info.

People on this site have been telling you for over a year that you need significant help regarding your eating disorder. The cholesterol is a side effect of the ED, so treating the underlying disorder it the foundation for getting healthy.

I’ve given you these links at least twice before. Please use them:

Or here:

Or here:

Those sites have different ways to talk to actual qualified professionals, either in chat rooms, by e-mail, or over the phone.


you do not read what i’m writing
any other doctor here in New York have ever diagnose me with anorexia, so please stop spamming. i really need help and you keep texting the same.
Do you hold any medical degree? Because experienced endocrinologist, cardiologist DID NOT assume that i have anorexia or it could be related to anorexia. And you keep texting hereand freak out people from my topic.


It doesn’t take a medical background to see when someone is malnourished. The bones protruding from the skin speak for themselves.

Also, your username combined with your posts screams psychological disorder. You’re obsessed with fat even though you have none.

I don’t know what doctors you’ve seen but you might need another opinion (or maybe you’re just hearing what you want to hear and ignoring their advice like you do here).

You have a problem. Please consider that as a possibility.

I’m reading a book about nutrition and just today it mentioned anorexia and high cholesterol. The first step in correcting the cholesterol is returning to a healthy weight.


Show the doctors this post, with that picture, and the caption below it. If your doctors haven’t diagnosed you with an eating disorder - and that’s a big if - it’s because you’re lying to them.


You understand the conflict in logic you’ve created here, right?

You : “Help me because the doctors can’t”

Us: “OK. Here’s your help.”

You: “What do you know? You aren’t a doctor!”


Circular reasoning with justifications.
Obsessive, self harming behaviour.
Wont listen to advice, but pleads for attention.

I’ll lay $5 she’s someone who doctor/spouse/friend shops. Anyone that says something she doesn’t like, nexted. How many friends/acquaintances you bury that acted like that @SkyzykS ? Dozens?


We only have one real MD that posts here and one real degreed psychologist. I believe one of them gave you advice earlier. But I’ll play TV doctor with you for fun. You list two symptoms: hair loss and high cholesterol.

Possible causes of hair loss:
Male pattern baldness
Visit to a barber shop
Rare autoimmune disease similar to exema

Possible causes of extremely high cholesterol:
Heredity and diet
Systemic inflammation
Liver failure

You are dying. Just like I said you would months ago. I’m sorry you hate yourself.

Go to those links @Chris_Colucci gave you.


pick out a dress you find flattering, have it dry cleaned. Then hang it up in your closet and pin a note on it: “bury me in this”


Yep. At least a dozen.

As a formality they always use 6 pallbearers, but you really only need 4.


Doctors cannot help if you don’t tell them. Take your shirt off and ask a doc what they think. They’ll be worried for you and jump to the same conclusions.

There are plenty of meetings (12 step type groups and others) that help men and woman with this disease. There are also many boards on the web that will do the same including here. Go find them…

Realize everyone here simply cares. Otherwise they’d keep to themselves, consider yourself lucky to have support from absolute strangers.


Have[quote=“itsallaboutfat, post:6, topic:253647”]
this is the thing - nothing else.

Have you been checked for:
ovarian cysts,
hepatitis variants,
parasitic infections,
liver cancer,
pancreatic cancer,
rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, thyroid autoimmune disease, diabetes or high blood sugar?

Is there diabetes in your family?
Is there a history of dementia in your family?

How old are you?
Where where you living relative to Chernobyl?
Did you have normal menstrual cycles-during what ages?

Were you ever very sick as an infant or child?

How do you feel aside from being worried about high cholesterol and blockages?


I hope you seek help from an appropriate place. The internet cannot help you.

Good luck poster.


OK thanks.


brahhh listen to the Brofessor -“get bloated, love yourself, then just say fuck it and drink some wine”…