Need Advice, Torn Labrum

Summary: I’ve had infrequent shoulder pain the last couple of years. If an exercise starts hurting I stop, but certain movements don’t always hurt. Example. Dips have hurt more often then not. Pushups used to never hurt, but bench press did. Now pushups hurt as well as bench. I have no traumatic incident that I know of that started the pain.

I have inside out, and magnificent mobility and have spend a decent amount of time reading about corrective exercise. However, lately (the last couple of months) the pain has been bad, and nothing has seemed to help.

I had an MRI and this was the impression:

  1. mild acromioclavicular joint osteoarthrosis with the acromion slightly low lying.

  2. small partial articular surface tear anterior supraspinatus tendon near insertion.

  3. increased signal present with fluid in the posterior labrum both superiorly and inferiorly. There is also some intermediate signal in the base of the superior labrum. These findings are consistent with labral tear. No other abnormalities are identified.

My doctor is a Navy doctor, and doesn’t have much experience with these issues, so I have a referral to see a surgeon. Once my referral is approved by the insurance company I can make an appointment and get the surgeon’s opinion.[

Here are my questions:

  1. What questions should I be asking the surgeon?
    I don’t want to have an unnecessary surgery, or a surgery conducted by an improper person. I just want my shoulder to be healthy.

  2. Is my current workout program ok?
    I’m doing 5/3/1 except I’m not doing any horizontal pressing. I don’t do any movements that cause pain.

  3. The Navy has also set me up with some PT appointments. They start before I have my consult with the surgeon. What questions should I be asking them, and what can I expect out of the treatment?

Thanks in advance.