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Need Advice to Lose Belly Fat


Hello! I have literally just joined this site just for some help and advice really … don’t know if I’m in the right place!
I have started gym now for the last 7 weeks been doing cardo as I wanted to lose some weight off my belly! I’m not overweight at all I’m 5’7 and gone from 9.10ibs to 9.4ibs.
This last week I’ve started to add in some strength training adding weights to squats etc.
I really just wanna tone up everywhere ! But the problem is I still have a fat belly didn’t realise how bad it had got since having my two daughters.
Just seeing if anyone has any advice on how to start weight training and I also brought some protein shake today should I take that after my workouts ?
I have also been eating clean
Thank you for any replies sorry for the rant :see_no_evil::see_no_evil::see_no_evil:


Firstly welcome and reat work on losing 6lbs. Can you give us a bit more detail. What training did you do to lose the 6 lbs. How many days a week, what exercise for what duration etc. when you say you started strength training what do your current workouts look like,? Also a bit more detail on your diet a lot of people say they eat clean but that doesn’t always mean its optimal for their goals. Can you give a breakdown of a typical days food (one you actually ate not a perfect world one).


Go through this for a month or two to get in the swing of things/build a base…

then get on a targeted fat loss program like this…