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Need Advice/Thoughts, New Labs In

Long story short. Was dosing 125mg Enanthate once a week and switched to 62.5mg twice a week and my free t dropped it looks like? Unsure how that is even possible.

Advice and or thoughts, I have been a little more lethargic and feel decent but felt better earlier in the year. It is Pharma Grade (ZPHC) and I do self prescribe, and it is due to clinics in area only wanting to do one inject every 2 weeks and no insurance so self pay.

Thank you!

Any thoughts? Low quality vial possibly?

Thank you!

I’d guess the larger shot lowered your SHBG and FT went up. Smaller shots, more SHBG and lower FT

Just noticed the second set of labs you posted, and that looks like what happened. But are these two different labs? Can’t really compare unless they’re from the same company

Thanks just went with this lab cause had a deal on the test. Didn’t realize could be off by that much. Will test old lab next week.

Not sure I understand. The results are very similar between the two labs other than different units on one which aren’t hard to convert.

In the first labs your free T was measured in pg/ml and in the second it was measured in ng/dl.
1 Picogram per milliliter [ pg / ml ] = 0.1 Nanogram per deciliter [ ng / dl ]
So if my math is correct your free T actually measured higher in the second test at 238.4?


Yes I converted and the free T is about 15.8 compared to the original test of almost 24 back in January. Saying I felt better with free T in the mid 20’s once weekly @125/mg – but switched to Bi-Weekly due to people saying guys with low shbg feel better on split doses weekly for the last three months.


The july 2020 was the 158 says the date right under. Am I converting it wrong? Thought I did it right online. Thanks.

I didn’t look at the dates.

How long were you pinning once a week before you switched and then how long were you pinning 2x week before those blood results? Everything else the same during both regimens…diet, supplement, meds, activity, sleep?

Started January 2019 at once a week 125mg. Take labs every 6 months. I started twice a week first day of March this year. And yes everything is same still.