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Need Advice Test E, Tren Ace

I’m almost 4 weeks in on a test e 550 aw cycle have adex on hand but never got any sides before. Am thinking about throwing in tren ace .75eod and dropping the test to 250 a week do I need caber what are your thoughts and once the trens finished should I bumb back up the test until week 12 before pct? Thoughts please where here to help not criticize

why would you drop Test mid cycle?

Just add in the Ace and discontinue it a week or 2 before ending Test.

I never suffer from prolactin issues when using Tren, but sure its advisable to use Caber @ 0.25mg 2x per week.

Adex @ 0.25mg EOD, bump up to 0.5mg EOD if needed.

HCG @ 250iu 3x per week.

Thanks man everything I’ve been reaserching suggests lower the test dose because the fight for the same recepters . but should I just keep it the same and up the adex if needed and why hcg 3times aw?

Well when it comes to Test/Tren ratios for a cycle I would plan ahead and stick with it to see what works best for you; I would firstly do a 1:1 Ratio cycle, then next time round drop the Test slightly or Tren Slightly etc etc.

The more Tren over Test you run, supposedly the “drier” the look which I have achieved last summer running Tren Ace and Mast P slightly higher than Test P.

Now I am running an 8 week cycle 100mg Test P/100mg Tren A ED and deffinitley fuller than my last summer cycle.

So I personally wouldnt change things round mind cycle apart from dropping Tren before Test just so you can appreciate the results systematically each slightly different cycle…

Up to you though.

As for HCG. I just mentioned it cus you didnt. You should know HCG is optimal for recovery and 3x per week suits its half life.