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Need Advice Regarding PCT


I'm new here, so a little about myself, a friend got me into pro hormones about 4 years ago, and it was before I knew anything about PCT. I found out the hard way as to why PCT is important. Through my own years of experience and doing research, I've learned about what pro hormones does to your body and why you need to do a proper PCT. I'm wanting to do another cycle but I'm afraid of going through the same side effects once Im off (dip in testosterone, hormonal imbalance, loss of drive to go to the gym, etc.).

My question is, what would be a great PCT I could do? Is taking clomid and novaldex my best bet, or are there OTC options available that you would recommend? I'm a little skeptical of most OTC products that are basically just herbal stuff that hasn't even been FDA approved. I don't wanna waste my money on something that may or may not work. I wanna set myself up for success this time around. Any help would be much appreciated!


typically SERMs are still the way to go. with the recent pro-hormone ban in the US, it seem like the OTC AIs that were decent are gone.

there are some decent products to add in to PCT (ZMA, vitamin D, DAA), but as far as OTC stuff to replace pharmaceutical stuff, there’s not much out there.