Need Advice: Powda in the Summer?

Howdy! Guess what; instead of talking about myself for once I would like to have you guys help me create a plan for a situation I encounter every summer.

So lets start from the beginning (I’ll try to keep this short).
In the summer I head back to New York and I work as a golf caddy. This means that basically I’m walking anywhere from 5-20 miles a day; depending on how many holes I do. It’s physically exhausting and also consumes my whole life. I work 7 days a week. On Mondays I get to go in late around 11:30 or so; weekdays I need to be there around 7 7:30 and weekends at 6. I also commute 50 miles EACH way to work. As for the times when I get out of work; it’s generally anytime between 4 and 7; sometimes a bit later. So I do this essentially the whole summer with almost no time off (I went 46 days straight before I came back to school last semester).

So as far as the notion of me having a life over the summer; it’s more or less out of the question. Work is life more or less; and if I can squeeze a workout in there or an occassional date in; so be it. But it’s a sacrifice I make so that I don’t have to work during the school year. Half the time I’m running around jacked up on caffeine just to try and be able to put one foot in front of the next; occassionally ephedrine (I’ll try Spike this summer); b/c I push myself to the max. Whenever everyone else is leaving to go home I’m sitting around waiting for more golfers to show up so that I might obtain more work and increse my bottom line.

My job is funny like that; it’s sort of like jury duty. I get to work and I sit around essentially until I’m “called.” Then I pick up the bags and head off for 9 or 18 holes. So naturally I don’t have much of a nutritional problem during the non-working periods b/c I just bring a cooler in the car with me with protein shakes; almonds, and whatever else I feel like brining; but meal timing becomes an issue b/c I NEVER know when I’m going to be called so it’s hard to stick to a strict regimen not knowing when I’m going to be called away for anywhere between 2 and 5 hours. Thus I always try to keep some foods like protein bars on hand etc.

Also; as you might guess the fact that I have wild deviations in how much work I do daily (walking 36 holes instead of 9 holes burns a lot more calories) leads to major fluctuations in my metabolic rate.

So Chad Waterbury has helped me out with figuring out a good workout plan this summer (much credit to him); what does T-Nation reccomend to me in terms of nutrition and caloric intake and how to approach this situation. I thought Carbolin 19 might be perfect but it’s out of stock and would cost me about $250 for the summer.

Now let me throw in my stats:
I’m 6 foot; 203; 16.5 arms, max bench 350; Dead max I’m guessing is 360-370 (not sure) Squats probably about 375, waist is 34.5 (35.5 around my umbilicus); and my bodyfat based on underwater weighing is either 13.4 or 13.6% based on which formula you use for residual volume. I also just finished a 3-week 1-ad cycle.

I’m going to follow Chad’s advice and I’m sure over time I’ll improve.
Thanks for the help

Okay, after all that I hate to offer something simplistic like this, but what about…

Keeping a stash of Grow! bars handy. They are light and convenient, you can always have a few on you and make sure you don’t go without eating for too long.

You could also up your calories in real time by eating an appropriate quantity to balance out your work activities for the day in question.

They may end up being a bit melted… :wink: