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Need Advice, Please have a Read.. :D


Hey, I am very new to this so hope I am posting in the right place.. :slightly_smiling:

So the reason I am posting on here is because I love body building!!
I go to every comp that is held in my city and up until now it was more something I admired and loved to watch. It was never something I really wanted for myself..
How ever this has all changed!

I have 4 children and after my last (8months old) I was at my heaviest.. I have since lost around 12kgs and am aiming to shed around 3 more kgs however I do not want to just be skinny..

I want to be proud of my body and have muscle.. I want to work my butt off and get those abs that I thought only people in fitness magazines have..

So my question is after mainly focusing on cardio to lose this weight I now would love to find out what I should be doing in the gym and eating at home to build my body and push myself to lengths I never have..

Also would love your thoughts on Anavar as I hear it is something that can really help women to build muscle..

Thanks for taking the time to read this and I cant wait to see what you all have to say.. :slightly_smiling:



Asking about Anavar without knowing how to train is like asking about Nitro fuel before getting your drivers license.

Learn (from a bodybuilder/trainer), commit, set goals, repeat.


Forget it. There's no quick-fix to help you build muscle that can replace long, hard work in the gym and dedication to diet.