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Need Advice/Opinion

Hey, I’m 17 years old, and have been lifting(quite badly) for 18 months now. I’ve recently delved into the facts and articles of muscle growth and body building and have started doing Rippetoe’s Starting Strength routine.

Workout A
3x5 Squats
3x5 Bench
1x5 Deadlift
2x5 Pullups

Workout B
3x5 Squats
3x5 Press
3x5 Pendlay Rows ( will starting doing cleans soon)
2x5 Chinups

I’ve been doing this progam for 4 weeks now, noticing improvements.
I weigh 66kg (145 pounds) skinny I know. I have a low bodyfat of 8-10%
Current 5 rep maxes are
Squat- 75kg ( 165 pounds )
Bench - 62.5kg ( 137.5 pounds )
Shoulder Press - 45kg ( 99 pounds )
Deadlift - 75kg (165 pounds )
Pendlay rows- 55kg ( 121 pounds )

I eat 5-8 meals a day easy, I train tues, thursday, saturday, I have football training mon, wed, fri.

I was also wondering advice on suppluements i should be taking
I recently just bought
Horleys Ice Whey

Is it suitable?

Any advice or opinions on any of the above is appreciated. Thank you

You’re doing fine. Maybe add some Good ol Creatine (micronized German creatine arguably the best) and keep training hard. I’m going to tell you - MOST supplements are bullshit- save your money on real food. Get some good Protein powder to help “fill the protein gaps” and use after training to get the recovery process started. Make getting rest a priority since your hitting the weights pretty good AND doing Football. You’ll want to do a de-load probably every 4th week so as not to “over train” and keep yourself progressing ok.

As you progress add in a few accessory movements to bring up weaknesses. It’s YOUR job to honestly assess where your at in your training and adjust accordingly- and that’s one of the fun parts of training for me.

If your not keeping a written training log- START one. You’ll be able to go back to it and see what works for you and what doesn’t. Good luck Rolls…

Yeah I’ve got a training log and progessing quite well. Next week is my de-load week, should i do say, 2x5-6 sets/reps instead of 3x5 or just lower the weight and do 3x5.

When I de-load I just do 3 of 8-10 reps with about 45%- 50% of my 1RM’s. Nothing too much. The idea is to rest up without completely “quitting”.

Alright I will do, I’m thinking of adding, Chest Dips and Inverted Rows in to my workouts as well, to give my chest a bit more of a workout as that is probably my biggest weakness.

I might add them in 2 weeks or so, any thoughts?

Dude, if you’re squatting 165x5, you don’t need a de-load. Wait until you’re squatting 365x5, or thereabouts.

I second StrengthDawg on creatine. Straight up micronized creatine, taken with your PWO shake (doesn’t matter if before, during or after workout). Protein is good if you’re not already getting enough (~200g for you). I’d add fish-oil, specifically Biotest’s Flameout, but that’s because I’m a Biotest whore, because I live in the states, and because I can afford it. A lot of this comes down to budget.

I have never heard of Horleys ice cream. I thought it was funny that you mentioned ice cream as a supplement. Kinda like weight-gainer. LOL.

I’d argue against adding supplementary exercises to Starting Strength. If you’ve got extra energy at the end of your workout, you should be increasing your poundages. You’re benching 135.

Kudos on having a training log. And using it.

Horleys is an Australian Brand i think. Its not ice cream lol, its A whey protein Isolate, 90grams of protein per 100g.

[quote]Rollsroyce13 wrote:
Horleys is an Australian Brand i think. Its not ice cream lol, its A whey protein Isolate, 90grams of protein per 100g.


Oh. Good call then.

For some reason, the links arn’t getting posted up. Not sure why exactly.

I don’t really have much energy left after Starting Strength, but I’m not exactly new to the gym or excerise as my previous workouts were silly frat boy 10 exercise routines on isolation.

I might do push ups instead as I really would like to target my chest.

I’m also meeting Ronnie Coleman on thursday :smiley:

[quote]Rollsroyce13 wrote:
Horleys is an Australian Brand i think. Its not ice cream lol, its A whey protein Isolate, 90grams of protein per 100g.


NZ company actually. Nz whey is some of the best in the world due to their excellent dairy industry. Im actually from australia too man, i was in your position about a year ago. good to see your getting your shit together and taking in all the advice.

I Agree with the supplement thing being bs most of the time. A decent whey and a creatine blend for post workout will do it.

dont get sucked into the NO-xplode caffine rush drinks etc.

another nz company called syn-tec is also very good, i use their syntheisis whey protein and their creaboloan (creatine, BCAA’s, Aminos and few carbs)

Just to give you an idea, from being 65kg i am now 75kg at 10% and my strength has gone up from similar starting numbers as yours to benching 120kg max, deads 130kg max and squat 120kg.

your on the right track so you can achieve at least that or more man, just dont neglect legs like i did for a while!

Thanks man, yeah Horleys is great, my anabolic halo has creatine and no caffeine. I might try some Biotest products in the coming months or so Grow! and Surge Recovery look great.

I really need to up my carb intake after workouts, being relatively skinny with a fast metabolism my last supplement was a whey concentrate for getting lean, which had like 0 carbs in it, so my body used protein for energy leaving me with minimal gains, hopefully I will see some huge improvements with these new supplements and intense training resume.

Thats dead strong for 75kg, holy shit. My max’s are roughly 75kg bench, 90kg squat and 90kg deads roughly.

Thanks for all the advice