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Need Advice On What I Should Do

Im in need on a serious advice.

This is my stats.

Age: 19 Years old.
Weight: 85kg
Bodyfat: 25-30%
Height: 6’1

I am always have been a person who likes to play computer games and just watch movies/series all day and i don’t care about i eat but 2 weeks ago while i was watching in youtube i happen to came across a video about fitness then i decided to give it a try. i’ve searched some training program for beginners and i’ve checked the coolcicada’s PPL program and i made some adjustments to it. This is what it looks like while my friend helped me to create adjustments to the program.

3 Day Split Program (Push/Pull/Legs)

Push (Chest/Triceps/Shoulders):

Flat Bench Press: 3x5
Overhead Press: 3x5
Incline Bench Press: 3x6-12
Side Lateral Raise: 3x10-12
Rope Pushdowns: 3x10-12
Dips: 3x10-12
Shrugs: 3x10-12

Pull (Back/Biceps):

Barbell Rows: 3x5
Lat Pulldowns: 3x6-12
Seated Rows: 3x8-12
Hyperextensions: 3x10-12
Face-pulls: 3x-10-12
Barbell Curls (Alternate to Close and Normal Grip): 4x-10-12
Hammer Curls: 3x10-12

Legs (Quad/Ham/Calves):

Barbell Squats: 5x5-6
Leg Press: 3x8-10
Leg Extensions: 3x10-12
Hamstring Curls: 4x10-12
Standing Calf Raises: 3x10-12
Crunches: 3x10-12

First, I want to explain why is there no DEADLIFTS in the program. i do know after hours of research that deadlifts is a must for beginners and to gain mass and strength. But, I do have a radial bone fracture last year in my right arm and i can’t fully stretch or extend my right arm so it is not possible to deadlift with this injury but i am currently in theraphy so that i can fully stretch my arm. I also asked permission to my theraphist and to my doctor if i could lift heavy weights and they are okay with it. because my fracture is now completely healed but there’s still a muscle stiffness in my right arm that’s why i can’t fully stretch it with that i just substitute with more back work and hyperextensions. Please do critique my program. Next week will be my start i hope this forum will help me to change my unhealthy lifestyle. i am getting a hard time to create my program because of this injury.

About my nutrition i will just basically start slow and remove soda, junk foods to my intake. i will eating frequently about 5-6 times a day. but i don’t know how much carbs/protein/fat should i consume.

Lastly, my goal is to change my lifestyle and while recovering from my injury is to lose body fat while gaining strength and muscle. i hope this forum can understand how hard for a beginner to know what to do at this point with this injury i do hope someone will help me and give me tips. this is a very long topc. if you reach in this part thank you so much for reading.

Yeah program you listed will work fine.
Start off with 3-4 days a week or one on/one off

Eating 5-6 times a day not really necessary at this stage just learn to get 3 square meals in a day and cut out the junk. Fine to add a healthy snack (nuts and piece of fruit etc)here and there if want more

thank you for the input sir. i will do what you say.

If you can only work out three days a week do full body splits. It has worked wonders for me as with most beginners. Try and do some cardio as well. It doesn’t have to be for long just anything to get that heart rate up for a period of time.

There is so much information out there about calories. There is an some good apps out there that you can use. I tracked my calories for a bit but over time you sort of know if you are eating enough or not. When I got stuck I would recount them and see what I could change to try and get some extra calories in there.

Good luck

I can workout even 6 days a week should i lower the sets if i will be shooting P/P/L/P/P/L or the program is okay? okay i will incorporate minimal cardio. i will do more research especially in diet. thank you!!

I don’t think you should go from zero to training 6 days per week. Full body is cool, but the program you posted looks good. Plenty of people have just begun their fitness journey using a split and have done just fine.

Whichever one gets your engine going is the one you should do at this stage. Consistently is key here.


Just my 0.02. Most if not all beginners are best served by full body splits with big basics. Then add all the small things and split days as needed years down the road. All that isolation work is a misuse of time. For example you do not need curls. Do barbell rows, db rows and chins. They’ll take your arms a long way. You don’t need 6+ exercises per workout. Hit 3-4 and fucking smash 1-2 per workout. Diet I think you’re on the right track. Cut pop first. Then start removing junk and replacing it with good shit. As far as weight loss goes a calorie is a calorie but you’ll feel better if they’re good calories.

Looks good to me. You might like De Franco’s Fierce 5.

Instead of deadlifts, they use bent over rows and RDLs

If you have arm issues, Im not sure how doing Bench/OHP/Incline back to back could help

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what does ‘full body split’ even mean? Either it is a full body program, or it is a split. No program is both.

no. specific macro and micro nutrient intake affects digestion and metabolism in significant ways. If what you’re saying was true, there would be no reason to cut out the pop. Might as well just take in 2500 calories per day of pop and eat nothing else if a calorie is just a calorie.

Anyway. I don’t hate full body workouts, but I don’t really like them for every new lifter either. Effectiveness of a program is only a piece of the puzzle. Let’s work from the premise that a full body workout done 3x per week for a beginner is, say, 10% more effective at building muscle than a bodypart split of any kind. On paper that seems like a no brainer: just do the full body workout. But that doesn’t always line up with reality. I find that people doing full body workouts every time they go to the gym tend to get bored quickly, ESPECIALLY when they limit their exercise selection to just the absolute core basic compound movements. They also tend to experience soreness throughout their body consistently. These things can easily lead to skipping sessions, or quitting completely. Obviously that is not ideal for long term success.

The upside of splits is that you get to compartmentalize the soreness. So, you only spend a few days with sore legs, then your arms are sore, then chest and back, etc. Whatever the split is determines this. To me, that was always more manageable when I was starting out. It also kept me coming back because I was only hitting each muscle group once a week, and I didn’t want to miss a day, and then go 2 whole weeks without hitting a particular bodypart. With a full body workout, you’re more likely to say ‘well, I’m doing the same thing in 4 more days, it won’t hurt to skip this session.’

Just some things to think about. The best program is the one you’re willing to stick to, and everyone has to figure out what works for them.


My 4 step program to success, I give to anyone starting out:

  1. Eat well. Don’t worry about calories right now. Eat for performance.
  2. Lift 3-6x a week --> Pick a program you can give your ALL to and keep at it.
  3. Run or play sports 2x a week --> Trust me the conditioning will help
  4. Do this for years and don’t miss days and you’ll get to your goals.
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I have no training or nutrition advice to offer.
But Along the same lines as this 4 step program. if your goal is lifestyle oriented i dont recommend you try to min-max everything perfectly at the same time right away.

This is my natural response, maybe it is for others too. But it several times led to me burning out and eventually abandoning worthy pursuit in the past. Instead of keeping things simple to let myself develop over time the habits and competence I wanted.

@SOUL_FIGHTER i honestly like your suggestion about the upper/lower of fierce 5 but i can’t do the romanian deadlift because of my injury and also the pendlay rows. what can i substitute to it? also what can i substitute to the flies because it put too much stress to my fracture in my right arm in the negative part of the movement. i am trying the movements here in our home with some db’s and barbells and checking if i can do it before getting a gym membership on monday. i hope you do reply thank you!

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A full body workout regardless of what you want to call it will take most folks a long way. I personally greatly enjoy the big basics. I just don’t feel that all the bodybuilding style movements are necessary in the beginning. I still don’t use curls bc I feel like that time for me is better spent doing rows. But all that said you are correct in that the best one is one you’ll stick to. Yes a calorie is pretty much a calorie. Use all the science you want on that. I spent around 8 years cutting weight for wrestling and boxing. Say the number to put me in a caloric deficit is 2000 calories. It never mattered if it was 2000 calories of healthy stuff or 2000 calories of Reese cups. The weight still comes off but you will feel much better in the healthy diet. I’m not a nutritionist that’s just what I know from myself and other wrestlers. By replacing pop with water you’re eliminating calories. I drink far to much when I need to lose a few pounds I replace pop with water. But technically if half your calories were mountain dew and you’re still in a deficit you’d still lose weight. You’d just feel like trash. Imo.

This is probably the least efficient approach possible. Your body is going to react differently to various ratios of macro and micro nutrients. If you give yourself 2000 calories of Reese cups your going to spike your insulin over and over again. This is going to in turn increase your insulin resistance, slow your metabolism to a halt and then make it damn near impossible to loose weight.

There are lots of strategies to loose fat… here are the principles that I would stick to to make consistent progress.

  1. 1.5 grams of protein per lb of body weight
  2. Eat at least 5 smaller meals
  3. Stick to lower GI carbs
  4. Keep fat really low
  5. Eat lost of veggies
  6. Avoid alcohol/sugar/fried food

These simple choices will prime your body to become a fat furnace.

I challenge you to eat 2000 calories of reese’s Daily for the next month. I guarantee you won’t loose weight

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I think doing lighter dumbbell RDLs or dumbbell rows could be better
Maybe a dumbbell press instead of a fly

Are you in touch with a physical therapist?

you’re missing the spirit of my post, because I agree with all of that. My point was that the absolute most important thing, which trumps any specific program, split, or training style, is likeability. The program HAS to be appealing to the individual. I am ALL FOR a full body program for individuals who like it. That’s awesome. I just wanted to convey that weightlifting is not a one size fits all thing, that a good coach/trainer will recognize what makes any individual thrive.

There is a big difference between how one should diet if all they care about is losing WEIGHT. Fat loss strategies are more complicated.

I also compete in a weight-class driven sport, and a large part of my success is body composition, not just ‘making weight’. Anyone can make their target weight. I make my target weight at less than 10% bodyfat, and on competition day, I’m not depleted, I’m stronger than I am in training, I have energy, I feel good, etc. And oftentimes, that’s after having cut 15-20 lbs in the span of 18 hours to make a weight, and putting it all back on in the following 24 hours.

Regardless, you’re obviously making my point when you say ‘you feel like trash’ one way, and not the other. That means, without a doubt, a calorie is not just a calorie.

For a young person like you I admire your dedication on changing your lifestyle. Though for a beginner I suggest much lighter program. I hope you can include running or cycling (which you can do both indoors). Or even if you are not on the gym. Indoor cycling, running or home exercises will be a very big help and I hope you consider it.