Need Advice On Training

I am planning on picking up weight training after a 3 year layoff. The layoff made me go from Greek statue to skinnyfat.
Waist: 38’
Body fat estimate 22%

I want to lose fat and gain muscle just like everyone else, but am indecisive and need suggestions on whether to:

(1) Only diet and no training.-cut fat to 15% and lose muscle in the process. Then bulk with the help of newbie gains.
(2)Start weight training and gain muscle (and fat) Then after newbie gains have plateaued, cut down body fat to 15%
(3) other

I am a very good responder to adding muscle mass and strength but add more fat than desirable when bulking.

I do not want to waste the newbie gains by lifting while in a calorie deficit.

Any advice on what to do next?

There’s no such thing as wasting newbie gains. There’s no time limit on when you make gains when starting out, so your best strategy may be to train hard while on a deficit so as to not lose what muscle you’ve got (and possibly gain some), then when you get your BF under control, reap the gains.

This one. Unless you are heavily muscled you have a quite a bit of fat on you. Lift and eat well. Choose some kind of cardio or conditioning you enjoy and do it a couple times a week. Get outside and walk if you need to do something extra.

Use your newb gains secret powers to lose fat and build a bit of muscle at the same time by eating slightly above maintenance.

(3) - best option. Just clean up your diet and hop on a program.
Diet -