Need Advice on Training Routine

Are there any benefits to using a one day full body compound only day followed by a 4 day split routine using the weekends as rest days? Below is an example of what I mean;

Mon. - Full Body
Tues. - Chest / Triceps
Wed. - Shoulders
Thurs - Legs / Biceps
Fri. - Back

I am also thinking of using T25 as HIIT after lifting. Could this lead to over training?

Thank you in advance.

Dude,no offence but this routine sucks
You start with a full body workout,next day you do do chest,which involves pressing followed by shoulders which involve pressing too
It won’t be long until your shoulder workouts suffer

Don’t think ''how much work can I fit in a week).Instead think ‘‘how much work can I do and still recover from’’

Either run a full body routine,an upper lower,a push pull legs,a phat style routine or a bro split

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No offense taken That’s why I’m here. I normally do a 4 day split but i was looking for something to add that might be beneficial.

  1. Beneficial for what exactly, what’s the end goal?

  2. you didn’t really list a routine, you gave a list of days and body parts.

  3. Biceps before back? chest & tris immediately before shoulders? If you’re doing some lighter pump work then fine, but if you’re talking about really hammering those body parts good luck.

  4. Overtraining is usually under-recovering. And the answer is it varies. We know nothing about you, & it all depends on your current abilities & recovery protocol. If you’re an active duty SEAL who can eat & sleep like a horse you’ll be able to do a whole lot more than a fresh-off-the-couch fellow with insomnia and a crappy diet.

So, give us your stats, goal, and a detailed snapshot of your current training

You’re not giving us any context.

How long have you been training?
Have you been consistent?
One kind of routines have you done in the past?
What are your goals?
How much work and what kind of work are you doing for each day?
What are you doing for recovery?
What’s your reason for wanting to do a split like this?

I’ve never seen any successful lifters for any strength sport or bodybuilding use something like this so unless there’s some highly specific reason for you as an individual and you have the experience to make such an assessment, I would go with a proven program.