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Need Advice on this Cycle


Looking to do a cycle soon and need some advice on what i have planned out. I am a running back going to play at a D2 school next year. Any criticism or advice would be greatly appreciated.

Stats 195 lbs, 5'8"
Body fat 22 %
Age 20
Training for 3 years +
Looking to get stronger and faster as well as cut down to about 18% body fat.
Week 1-8 Test prop 100mg EOD
Week 1-6 anavar 40 mg Daily
PCT: Clomid 300 mg day 1, 100 mg next 10 days, 50 mg last 10 days.
Should i also be using HCG? If so when should i start in my cycle and what would the dosage be?

Sorry if this cycle is bad, this is my first time doing a cycle, ive done a bit of research, just want to know what you all thing!


The cycle itself looks good, but i would use anavar in the last 6 weeks, not in the first 6. You should lose some weight first, it's a general recomendation, to not start a cycle until you are under 15% bodyfat or else you will retain a lot of water and your estrogen levels will be out of balance too. I don't see an AI, which is neccesary with testosterone. Try aromasin 12.5 mg/day and by the 2 weeks in cycle blood test you can adjust it if necessary. On pct use half of what you used on the cycle.

You don't need hcg because of the shortness of the cycle and because you are young enough to recover.
Clomid strongly effects mood, so i would go with nolvadex 40/40/20/20, if you want to add clomid to this, then 50/50/0/0 would do it. Also get some liver protecting supplements like milk thistle and NAC. If you are worried about cholesterin levels use some plant sterol and omega 3 too.

So as i mentioned you should cut down first at least 10lbs. Also i wouldn't use a steroid cycle with a caloric deficit just to retain muscle, but rather in a caloric surplus to build some, but that's your choice.
Also read the stickies.


you gave a whole lot of REALLY bad info, and I hope the OP doesn't take your advice...

OP, if you read more threads on here, you'll see how wrong this guy is.

I'll start with his PCT. Clomid and Nolva should not be used together, ever. They reduce each other's effectiveness. You should only use one, and the preferred SERM is Nolva. The recommended dosing is wrong as well. You shouldn't use more than 20mg per day, and if possible, you should taper it off at the end to a lower dose. 4-6 weeks should be sufficient for an 8 week cycle.

Your anavar timing doesn't matter much. If it was me, I'd just run it all 8 weeks, but that's fairly inconsequential.

I also don't see a reason to reduce bodyfat first. It's not necessary, particularly if you perform at your best at that bodyfat level in your sport. Plenty of quality RB's perform well carrying that much fat. His comment about retaining extra water because of your bodyfat, and the estrogen thing are not supported by science at all. You'll need to run an AI, as he mentioned. That will be sufficient for controlling estrogen. There are several options in this regard. Read about them.

You don't need liver supplement for this cycle. It's such a short cycle, and at a very low dose. I doubt your liver enzyme values will be out of normal range at any point in this cycle.

I do agree that HCG is not necessary.