Need Advice on Test and BCAA

Hey guys, so finally I woke up and realized I could do more than my daily sleep-eat-work routine and be active and get fit after 28 years of my lazy life. So, been running and doing home work-outs, gym every other day and I’m eating healthier now (I hope!) so a good mate recommended me to use BCAA’s and couple it with Test but could not tell me if it’s a good mix or not - what do you guys think?

Is taking Test Booster:Mutant Test (advice: 6 caps on empty stomach in the AM) and BCAA:Dymatize Complex 2200 (4 caps, two before training and two after - those are atlgether a lot of capsules!) okay? What do you recommend? Mucho thanks!

BCAAs and test combine to make BCWTF?AAs. The most toxic substance ON EARTH.

Stop what you’re doing right now or the entire planet will be at risk.

Neither of the products you listed contain steroids, so it’s certainly safe to take them. Some people seem to respond well to DAA. BCAA’s, in my opinion, are mostly useless, except maybe when you’re cutting. But that’s debatable I suppose.

The bottom line is that there’s basically no chance this will hurt you, so go for it.

I know you didn’t ask about this, but everything in this post screams that you aren’t ready for actual steroids (or prohormones). If someone suggests that you take a product that contains steroids or prohormones, you should decline. You wouldn’t know how to use them, and you could do serious harm to yourself if you tried. This is not debatable.

Or listen to Yogi. He’s smarter than me.

Thanks Flipcollar! You just defeated Google - can’t seem to find something online that made sense but yours did - and thanks for the advice about the steroids and pheros. Damn right I know shite about it! Woohoo, cheers!

[quote]flipcollar wrote:
Or listen to Yogi. He’s smarter than me.[/quote]

that’s the least true thing I’ve ever read