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Need Advice on T3 cycle

Hi guys and gals,
Well, for the past two months, I’ve managed to indulge in all manner of
bad foods - junk food, candy, soft drinks, ice cream. I felt like I neede a break after 3 years of strict dieting. Trouble is, I didn’t measure my BFP regularly, and I’ve gained a lot more fat than I intended to let myself gain. So, I’m planning on doing a nice 7 week T3 cycle, nothing too hard, combined with a good low-carb diet.

Here’s the cycle (by week and dosage im mcg):

WK1 25mcg
WK2 50mcg
WK3 50mcg
WK4 50mcg
WK5 25mcg
WK6 12.5mcg
WK7 12.5mcg every other day

I would really appreciate any comments on the cycle.


Are you using any anabolic support for this? Because T-3 will chew up a chunk of your muscle as well as your fat.

well, I wasn’t thinking about using any anabolics, since the doses were so low, anyway. What sort of muscle loss could I expect with this cycle?

t3 will chew up muscle pretty badly so you might want to decide to cut the dose even lower if you aren’t using any aas. Try just using 12.5mcg each day, that way you will not suppress your natural thyroid all that much. The fat will be easier to keep off, and since you will be on low carb you will have a better chance at preserving your muscle.

Good Luck