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Need Advice on T3/Clen Cycle

hey whats up guys…some background on me…im 6’3" 275-280 depending on how good of a dump i take in the morning :slight_smile: and about 25% body fat

i have been using tren for the first time ever for about a week now, and seeing pretty good results…not too much size but really hardening up just about every where…my problem is my body fat…i am strong and decently built but of course not too cut so i am gonna test a two week cycle of t3/clen in about two or three weeks

my plan is to start with 25mcg of t3 and go up 25 every two days to build up to 100mcg and than pyramid back down and do 6 clen tabs a day

never used it before but i read a lot about both being extremely catabolic, and i don’t wanna lose much muscle size if i like this cycle and decide to do a longer one…would trenbolone be a good steroid to use with the cycle or would you guys recommend something else

I would recommend dieting and cardio.


[quote]mbaina wrote:
I would recommend dieting and cardio.



At your size (i think the 25% mark you gave us is likley rather conservative) then clen and T3 are the last things on your list of things to take.

Basically clean up your diet and add in some cardio.

Clen and T3 can be very catabolic without the right diet and AAS.