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Need Advice on Switching my Split Up

Ive always done a 4 day split as it seems perfect for me in terms of recovery and workload. I had tried a 5 day, a year or more ago and remember switching back because it felt like too much.
Recently though ive noticed my arms are lacking a lot. I really wanna have an arm only day but theres no way to put that into a 4 day split without sticking shoulders after another bodypart. Although I dont want to do that because then my Military Press would go to sh*t and im trying to bring that up.

The only thing I can possibly think of is:

Chest/Side Laterals
Back/ Rear Delts
Military Press/Arms

Although I dont know if its retarded to split shoulders into 3 differnt days like that?

Or I do a five day split:


Although I always thought doing triceps a day after shoulders was a bad idea because of how the shoulders hit tris hard on presses. And how tricep exercises like CGBP and Dips hit Shoulders hard too.

What do you guys think is a good idea for me?

A five day split with more days off?

Why not do shoulders after legs?

How about:

Shoulders & Triceps
Chest & Biceps


Chest & Shoulders
Triceps & Biceps

That way ^ gives your arms more “hits”, indirectly and directly (and more importantly, you can give them more intensity/focus while they’re fresher in the workout which is often the problem for lagging parts). The first split would be best though if you want to bring up over-head press, just keep the volume low enough.

If you are advanced enough, what you’d look for is good recovery partitioning - that is, giving more attention/exercises/volume for certain lagging bodyparts while lowering the volume for good parts.

Don’t forget actually feeling the arms work good too. Some people swing the weights about, then wonder why their arms are lagging, then they’ll go around changing crap that didn’t need to be changed lol. Personally, my arms respond better to high[er] reps, something like 10-12 reps, or slightly more for biceps (can focus on them better, and it’s easier on the joints etc).

What’s up with people starting threads and not following/responding to them???

THEY are the ones who created them, not others…do they think that people have nothing better to do with their time than to give feedback in a thread where the thread starter doesn’t even seem interested?