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Need Advice On Swelling After Test E Injection


4 days ago I injected myself with 500mg of test e on my quad and had a few questions. It was not my first time ever using and haven’t had issues like this before. Everything was good the following day but around day 2 and 3 I got a small fever. Don’t know if it’s a reaction or what. On day 4 my fever is gone and I feel good but my injection site is a little tender and swollen and warm to the touch. It does not look infection and I was sanitary through the entire process. Here’s a pic of what it looks like after 4 days. Is this something I should be worrying about or is it normal? Also I don’t want to have to go to the dr right away for nothing due to the fact that I’m in the military and don’t want to get in trouble. But here’s the pic and any advice will be appreciated.


The pic isn’t there, but i wouldn’t worry about it. We’ve all had this, typically they go away on their own. How often are you rotating sites? When you say 500mg how many mls is that? I used to inject up to 3 ml at a time and that caused some pretty good sized lumps that too a while to go down.


I’ll re upload it. And it was 1mil. This is the first shot and I was going to switch between my quads once a week. Last time I ever ran anything was about 2 years ago and I don’t remember any after effects like this. Also, my knee is starting to feel achy like if there is a bruise on the top part of my knee above the kneecap but it’s very minor. Idk if I’m over thinking or over worried.


I injected about the same spot once before, now only on the outer part of the quad. My injection there lasted 2-3 days and was swollen and hurting. Went away about the 4-5th day.


So, me personally…I inject pretty high up on the quad. Basically right below the crease where your quad meets your hip. A lot less pain and vessels up there. If you dont like that, try more on the outside. Flex your muscle before you inject and look for the thickest part of the muscle. Then relax and put it in. Also, its a good idea to lube up the needle by squeezing a small drop or 2 and letting them run down the needle. If you get shaky, try using your non-dominant hand, this works for me for some reason, then I push the plunger with my right hand.

Damn dude, are active duty Navy? Not worried about a piss test?


I’ll try that next time. Thanks. And not too worried I thought test wouldn’t come up on piss? I had a couple piss tests when I used two years ago and came up fine


Alright I’ll give it a couple more days for the swelling to go down. Thanks


I guess they just check for illicit drug use. But when I was active duty they always told us they checked for everything! LOL and we believed them


That’s what I do. About a hand width down from my waist and the outter quad. I always flex to find my upper quad and pin there.


Lol yeah the hormone panel for urinalysis is pretty hit and miss. Also it’s very expensive.


One more thing when injecting quads…try pinching the muscle before injecting. My wife injects me (lucky, I know) and she pinches it first and keeps it pinched until the plunger is all the way down. Tends to keep it from quivering if she hits a nerve and basically makes it painless.