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Need Advice on Supplements

Hi, everybody. Just joined the website and am likein what I’m seeing. I’ve been reading about some of Biotest’s products and I’m considering taking some. So here’s what I’m taking now: HOT-ROX original, N0-Xplode from BSN, and a good amino acid protein shake here and there. I’m considering keeping the NO-Xplode and the protein shake, but adding HOT-ROX Extreme, Flameout, and BCAA. Does that sound pretty solid for supplements to take from Biotest? What would you recommend?

Hey Bizmark,

What exactly are your goals? Are you trying to gain mass, strength, or lose some flub? It’s really hard to tell people to take stuff, if they don’t have a set plan of action.

Next, DO NOT take NO-Xplode with HOT-ROX Extreme; you could get some heart arrythmias from the combinations of ingredients. Aside from that, if you must use NO-Xplode, use it after training to eradicate lactic acid buildup. Please do continue to read the articles attached to the products in the web-store. If you have any more questions, please feel free to ask. -Starkdog

In response to the post above: My goals are to put on a little more muscle mass (10-25 more pounds) and rid my self of about 3-5% more body fat. So whatever supplements would work best for that. So NO-Xplode is no good with HOT-ROX extreme eh? How about Gakik in with the stack I listed above? I was considering switching over to that for a while.

I don’t think you’re going to find much support for NO-Xplode or Gakik on this website. NO products have been proven over and over to be ineffective and there are articles here, and elsewhere, on the matter.


I agree with starkdog. I would be weary about taking excessive Arginine supplements. A recent medical experiment in (I believe) Denmark recently went awry when several heart attack patients who were fed high doses of L-Arginine died in the process of the study. Since this, there has been a push to ban the supplement throughout the world. Such a finding may only be applicable for high doses of the amino acid itself, but the results are nonetheless alarming. Besides, the physiological benefits of arginine supplements are sketchy to begin with, and the products generally cost lots of money. Simple creatine monohydrate will give you the same effect (i.e., cell volumization) for much less cost.

Hope I could help.

  • Ken