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Need Advice On Routine


Here's my current routine. I try to use as much weight as I can for the prescribed number of reps for each set.

Bench, 4x4
BB Curls, 4x4
Incline, 3x8
Chins, 3x8
Dips, 2-3x12
Sidebends, 3x10

Narrow squat, 4x4
Wide squat, 4x8
Calves, 3x12
Situps, 3-4x25

Standing OH Press: 4x5
Upright Rows: 3x8
Closegrip: 4x5
Dips: 3x12

Deadlifts: 3x5
Bent-over Rows: 3x8
Machine rows: 3x12
Situps: 3-4x25

I'm trying to hit all the major muscle groups, giving each a light day and a heavy day. I'm trying to maintain or add some size and strength while getting rid of fat. Once I get down to a reasonable BFP, I'll let myself eat more to try to gain good mass. I'm currently at 200 w/ about a 35" waist. I've lost strength since getting down from 215; my strength and weight seem very tied together. I can't seem to seperate them. Sad thing is, I could bench 315 about 5 years ago, and my current max is maybe 325 :-/ Pitiful progress.

I don't know how to periodize, load, or unload. My core work is quite lacking, but I'm not sure what to incorporate or where to put it. Any articles or cookie-cutter routines making it simple would be appreciated.

Current supplements are a multivitamin (as soon as I get some more in) and a protien shake after I lift. I add dextrose and maltodextrin on the days I feel particularly beat up afterwards, usually monday and tuesday.


How long have you been using this routine?

What you could do is change the sets and reps.

Monday lookes like this:
Bench, 4x4
BB Curls, 4x4
Incline, 3x8
Chins, 3x8
Dips, 2-3x12
Sidebends, 3x10

But every other week it could look like this
Incline bench 4x4
db curls 3x8
bench 3x8
chins 4x4
dipps, 3x8
sidebends 4x4

You could change the order of the exercises, and for every exercise you could rotate the sets and reps: like this 3x10, 4x8, 5x6 for instance.

The sets and reps are the first thing the body grows accustomed to. When you change these, you can easily use the same exercises (not the same routine though) for a couple of months.


Ok, well I'm sure part of the problem is that my routine isn't exactly followed to the letter. What you see there would be what I do on a good week.

Tell you what: I'll do my prescribed routine for two weeks, then mix up the set/reps for another two. Is that a good place to start?