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Need Advice on Prohormones

I found a source with prohormones.
If anyone who is familiar with andro or prohormones like MAG-10 and other brands could help me make a decision thatd be great.

Please reply by PMing me.

Thanks guys

There a joke…with no punchline…

Ya man. Ive still got 1AD laying around somewhere still and the reason i dont use it is bc when i did these are the effects i got:

  1. Balls don’t hang the same…(day 3)
  2. My face had nothing but acne for months afterwards and even meds didnt help fast enough.
  3. I didn’t keep the strength, size or pumps.

Its pretty much a waste unless, you use it for pumps only and dont care about physical appearance or (not to mention liver), your balls. Useless