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Need advice on nutrition and supplements

Hi all,

I have a question that I would like those very knowledge and with experience in the matter to answer. My question is getting my abs shreadded - I am very active (run atleast 4 mile a day, 3-4 times a week at a sub 6:30 mile/hour pace, lift the other days, and do abs daily) yet my abs are not shreadded and tight like most bodybuilders/model have. I watch my diet for the most part but I am always hungry and know starvation is bad b/c it deprives my muscles. I try to eat 5-6 smaller meals a day to but I am constantly hungry and by around 10 PM at night, my body is sooo hungru that often I get urges to binge and eat everything in sight. What I would like to know is what food can I eat that are low carloically and are still filling and will allow my ab definition to show? I am thinking drinking a protein/metabolic shake but I dont know which ones are really good - perhaps you can help. I want to STAY away from shakes w/ creatine and that promote mass- I basically want to stay the same weight or lose a few pounds. What shake could I drink as a meal replacement that will help me recover from my exercises and get me shreadded? What supplement can I take to give me metabolism a higher kick? I started taking Xenadrine again but have heard different things from different people. It makes me moody and give me insomnia after a few days. Please try to answer my qquestions as thoroughly as possible and thank you.

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The absolute best supplement to not add mass while promoting weight loss is eat 6 meals a day with 3 of the meals consisting of a soy protein MRP and the other 3 consisting of tufu with a little fruit. Be sure to use soy milk in mixing your MRP’s. On this type of a high performance weight reduction diet, you’ll want to replace heavy lifting days with a leisurely bout on the stair master. This method is well proven and will not fail. I know it works because I first heard about it from Goldberg and he seems well versed in supplementation. Golberg would probably suggest some HBM also. I think most of the soy already has HBM in it though.

It soundslike you either are undereating overall or eating too many carbohydrates in relation to your protein and fat intake. The insulin swings induced by carbs are most likely what’s causing your constant hunger. Try getting more protein and fat in your diet along with the recommendations in massive eating and you’ll probably find this will work well for you.

Thanks for the replies but it doesnt seem like you guys answered the question - I want to know which mean replacement products and metabolism enhancers are the best for getting shreadded without gaining bulk? I also need some clarification on some of the terminology of the acromnyms (for example: BPM) Thanks

You need to start adding essential fatty acids into your diet. Flax oil, fish oil, and cold water fish (salmon being the easiest to find). Post-workout, the absolute best shake is Biotest Surge. You can use the search engine for more about Surge. As for which meal replacement powder to use, they are all pretty good. It’s hard to find a really bad one. My recomendation would be to get low low-carb Grow by Biotest. You can mix it in milk or with fruit or oatmeal to add carbs and can also mix it with peanut butter and/or flax oil to get some good fats into your diet. For late night meals, go with a protein fat meal. Eat a bowl of cottage cheese with some walnuts sprinkled on top or mix cottage cheese with peanut butter. In the previous issues, read through anything written by John Berardi and you should find the answers to a lot of your questions. Oh and stay very far away from soy!