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Need Advice On My Westside Program

I am 6’1" 220lbs. not sure of body fat it was around 15 percent about 3 months ago. This is a plan that a trainer designed for me. He said he used this workouts with other people and he himself was pretty strong(475 bench, 425 squat, 400 deadlift) not one of those trainers who gels his hair before the gym.

Now right now my diet is not great because i just got back to school i usually keep the carbs low, take fish oil and CLA 3 times a day and get about 200-220 grams of protein a day… I might get flamed because i’m weak especially on the squat. So you can flame me all you want but if you could offer some advice that would be great.

This is my first powerlifting program so i’m not all that informed but i have done a lot of reading here and at elite and i feel like I’m missing something, maybe some more lat work or something i don’t know, thats what i’m posting for. So flame me, insult me, whatever as long as i get stronger. thanks for the help

Flat Bench-205 Max
Lockouts-225 for 2
Floor Presses-180 for 3
Rackouts-235 for 10 seconds
Close grip bench press-155 for 3
J.M. Press-155 for 3

Tuesday, ME-Legs/Back:
Deadlifts-340 max
Good mornings of rack- 135 for 3
Full Range of Motion Squats-125 for 3
Rack pulls-330 for 3
Box Squats-135 for 3

DE- Legs/Back
Full Range of Motion squats-55 for 6
Sumo deadlift-165 for 6
Regular deadlift-165 for 6
Leg press(mainly with heels)-225 for 6
Bentover rows- 90 for 6

Wide grip bench-110 for 3
Medium grip-110 for 3
Close grip-110 for 3
Lockouts-135 for 5
Floor presses-115 for 5
Dumbell press(palms in)-60 for 5
J.M. press-75 for 5
If you want anymore info. just let me know. Once again thank you

It doesnt look bad for a week of few weeks. It will constantly change to fit you your weaknesses etc


I seriously doubt you need five different bench variations in one session, followed by another triceps movement. Your total number of movements seems really high for a “westside” split. I suggest narrowing down to a few movements and, honestly, at your level of strength I wouldn’t worry about weak points too much.

Pretty high volume for westside. I agree with saroachman about the bench day you don’t need all those variations on the same day. And im not particularly crazy about ME deadlifting and ME good mornings on the same day, followed by ME squats!? Maybe it’s just me but that would turn my lower back into jello.