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Need Advice on My Upcoming Stack

Hi all I like to get some advice for my upcoming stack [cycle]

Week 1-4
*SD (bulking) 20mg/day
*N2Guard or Organ support ( throughout my whole cycle. (Week 1-14)

Week 1-8
*Test or sustanon 300mg/week pin e3d 150mg.
*Tren 300mg/week pin e3d 150 mg.
*mk 677 25 mg/day

After every 4 weeks I would like to do some blood work to check on the hormones and also get to knowwhat is happening in my body

Week 8 - 14
If everything is oke after I have done some blood work at the end of week 8 I like to increase the dose a little bit.

*Test or sustanon 500 mg/week pin e3d 250mg.
*Tren 500 mg/week pin e3d 250 mg.
*mk 677 25 mg/day

Last 4 weeks: week 11-14 I would at Winny at 25 mg/day.

Supporting supplements:
*N2Guard or Organ support throughout my whole cycle (week 1-14)
*Fish oil
*Aromasin 12.5mg e3d

After this cycle PCT.

I look forward to be adviced and I will appreciate it a lot.

What mg/mL is the injectables?

What ester Tren? If you are running Tren Ace you need to be pinning at min EOD. Every day is way better. If you hate pinning get some Insulin Needles and it gets way better (27g 1mL are awesome). If you absolutely had to you can even pin Tren Ace Subq esp at 0.5cc or under per pin which is what it looks like it would be? Or even better would be pinning your test SubQ then rotating the other injection sites with slin pins and tren. Once again, if you had to. IM injections are better as Subq can cause welts and red rashes.

SD = Superdrol? In my experience 4 Weeks is a long time to run SD (love the stuff). I kind of feel like the 4th week is usually all sides (lethargy and loss of appetite / acid reflux). 1st 2 Weeks are awesome (strength hardness size ). 3rd is generally nothing new but not terrible.

When you say Pin E3D 150mg I assume you mean twice a week because that would be 300mg / Week?

I am not sure what is in N2Guard but from what I have read the Tudca is the best thing you can take to support your liver on Orals.

14 Weeks of tren you will probably want some Cabergoline as well. Or Tamoxifen. My last Tren Cycle I ran Tamoxefin 10mg ED and it helped my gyno and sex drive more than Caber ever did, but caber is the more standard response (I think).

Wrong forum

Is this your first cycle? What does your training history look like? What are your goals? What are your stats? Very difficult to give you any worthwhile advice without some critical context.

Drop the sarm you are pinning real hormones so there is no need to use legal half measures via the mk 677. What does that even supposed to do? Like a alternative to Proviron or something like that?

No reason to up the dosage half way especially if you are using enanthate esters. The higher dose won’t have enough time to properly get up and do it’s thing within 6 weeks. Even if you switch to short esters I wouldn’t up the dosage half way. Just pick a dose and stick to it. I get the whole giving your body new stimuli to get it to respond but since your body will be use to 300 mgs a week the new dose won’t really be enough to cause a significant response if you were to run the higher dose for ten weeks like you should with enanthate or cypionate ester.

ONLY ONE ORAL PER CYCLE! Even though our livers can repair themselves running two orals especially if one is super drol is just a bad idea. Your liver is going to be stressed enough with the tren so pick one oral for a Kickstarter or one for a finish strong booster and that’s it. I personally like the finish strong approach.

N2guard is over priced snake oil. Figure out which ingredients out of it you want then go buy them individually online and save the money for next cycle or whatever. Seriously it’s like 10 cents of ingredients per dose and you pay like dollars per dose, why?

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Thank you everyone I like this forum and I appreciate the feedback you all give me.

Hi Boyslayer thank you for your feedback…
In response to your message I hate pinning do in my case it is easier to pin e3d.

*What kind of injectables I use? I use the 25G x 5/8".
*What ester Tren? I will use Tri tren 150 mg Enanthate from British Dragon pharmaceuticals. And Testosterone Enanthate 250 mg/10 ml from Platinum Pharmaceuticals.
I will pin these steriods e3d. The tri tren will be like 300 mg/week and the test 500mg/week.

About the organs I read alot about tudca and organ support and N2Guard. I don’t know yet which one to choose. I want something that not only protect my liver but also they other organs. Which one you would advice?

I see you experience tamoxefin very good so I think I will look into that.

What do you think i could use more to have the sides in control?