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Need Advice on my Program



I'm 17 years old don't know my bf% but maybe I'll post a pic later so you can tell me.

Anyway I'm about 145lbs now up from 80 pounds 10 years ago. Been lifting for ages too, since I was at least 15.

So far I've been working mostly on my bicepts and tricepts and my pecks. I don't need to work legs because I have a paper run and cycle about 30 min every week there really quite huge. I don't need to work my back because their aren't many muscles they're and thier small and hard to see anyway.

This is my program.


Flat Barbell Bench 3x10
Incline Barbell Bench 3x10
Decline Barbell Bench 3x10
Flat Dumbbell Bench 3x10
Incline Dumbbell Bench 3x10
Decline Dumbbell Bench 3x10
Flat Flyes 3x10
Incline Flyes 3x10
Decline Flyes 3x10


Tricept Kickbacks 3x10
Tricept Pushdowns 3x10
Tricept Things when you hold the dumbbell behind your head 3x10
Bicept curls with the bar 3x10
Bicept concentration curls 3x10
Preacher curls 3x10

Thursday same as Monday except I do the exercises in a different order to shock my muscles
Friday same as Tuesday.

I'm really trying to bring up my inner upper mid chest area. Am I working it enough? Will my program help? Please only reply if the answer is yes.

Also I don't want to get too big so I've started cutting. I'll do high repts and light weights. Same program as above except I'll do 2x20

Here is my diet

Breakfast: 2 egg whites
Lunch: apple
Dinner: whatever mom makes usually some meat and a vegetable.

Am I eating too much? I want to get ripped and see my 6 pac for summer.

Please your welcome to give any and all advice that is positive and not negative. I've been in the iron game for a long time and know more than all of you so if you're opinions are negative then please keep them to yourself.


No. Just... No.


This has to be a joke. Dude, 10 years ago you were 7!!!

Been lifting for ages? 2 years is ages?

You got a problem with numbers.


You might want to experiment with something other than three sets of ten. Not that those are not good, but a change of pace might help you.


Funny, but this would have been so much funnier if you had made up another screen name and posted in the Building a Better Body forum. It might have ended up being a twenty page thread.



This is some funny shit! Good post!