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Need Advice on My Next Cycle

G,Day everyone a little bit of background info on me i use to be 98kgs of just fat then i did mainly cardio and light weights for about 1-2 years and dropped down to 65kgs i then focused on just weight lifting for 2 years where i bulked to 84kgs over 2 years but i felt like alot of it could of been fat as diet wasnt maintained during this phase and then decided to to try gear out will fast forward abit now atm im sitting at 84kgs and 8% bf according to a dexa scan i got done the other day and im 5ft10. This will be my 4th cycle my first and second cycle were bit of a waste as i was off my chops smashn the dingas and chuggn the cold ones 3-4 nights a week.
My 3rd cycle went down like this
Week 1-12 750mg test
Week 1-6 100mg dbols
Weeks 6-20- 20mg of nolva e3d as im very prone to gyno
Week 12-20 250mg test e
Week 14-20 1x 250mg tren e
and 60mg anavar e/d
Pct was only 60mg ed for 6 weeks
I regularly went to the docs once a month to get my bloods done to make sure everything was all sweet.
In the end i believe this was far by the best results ive ever gotten as my diet was superb and training was on point.

Ive been off for 16 weeks now and want to do a blast cruise type of cycle for 6-8months but i just dont know how to incorporate hcg into it. Also planning on running hgh during the whole thing aswell and beyond.
So this is how my 4th cycle will go down
Week 1-10 250mg deca(first time trying it)
Week 1-4 700 mg test e/wk split eod
Week 1-4 300 mg prop/wk split eod
Week 5-10 500mg test e/wk split twice a week
Week 10-16 700mg test e/wk split eod
Week 10-16 300mg prop/wk split eod
Week 10-16 500mg deca/wk
Week 16-26 500mg test e/wk
Week 16-26 200 mg deca/wk s
Week 26-34 250mg test e/wk

Week 1-12 hgh 2ius 5on2off
Week 12- 52 hgh 4ius 6on1 off

I was planning on running nolva through out my whole cycle again like i did on my 3rd cycle but i want incorporate HCG into this cycle should i run it 4 weeks into the cycle at 500mcg up until 4 weeks after my cycle finishes?
I can get my hands on majority of anti estrogens but its abit of a pickle to get my hands on clomid.
Cheers looking forward to see some responses

that is definitely the weirdest cycle I have ever seen

It doesnt look like the average 12-16 week plan i know, i found on my 3rd cycle running a high dose then dropping it lower and running for more weeks worked really well and i kept majority of my strength when i jumped off the only thing that went down was my sqaut which was 200kg x 8 and when i hopped off it was 160kg x 8 . And hell pct was a nightmare biggest mood swings lack of motivation but it was all in my head but i still managed to pump the numbers and never slacked off. I personally feal the longer i run the more ill get out of it aslong as my body agrees with me when i get my bloods done, by any chance could you reccomend where i should chuck hcg into the cycle and also some anti estrogens? If not all goods :sweat_smile: