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Need Advice on My Caloric and Protein Intake

Alright, I’ve hit, yet again, another road block. I’m 19, I have a weekend job, and I’m a full-time student. I don’t do much fitness-wise so I go to the gym 4 days a week. I have attempted to track my macros, but I live with my family, so I don’t have much choice over what we eat. Despite this, I’ve been advised to just track protein and caloric intake from the users in this forum, and it has been going fine so far, except for the fact that I may be draining my wallet.

You see, I buy a bit extra groceries for myself so I could add extra shit to my stupid bulking plan. I added bananas, bread, milk, eggs. This is for calories. For protein, I use whey. Lots of it, apparently. I consume 7 scoops a day, and people are telling me that 1-3 should be enough for whey and anything over is excessive and bad. I thought it was fine, because it fit my macros, and it’s easy access. I realized how expensive whey is when I went for my 3 scoops for the night and I found that it was almost empty. Should I look for other sources of protein that’s cheap, healthy, but most of all, easy access, or should I continue on with what I’m doing.

7 scoops whey protein
3 cups milk
2 bananas
3 eggs
2 Tbsp peanut butter
3 bread slices
1 protein Bar
4 tbsp chia seeds
dinner (chicken, rice, beans, pasta, etc.)

Use a good quality whey, without cheap aminos added, and it’s fine.

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I’m on Gold Standard Whey. I’ve heard it was good from others.

Dafuq does your family eat if this is your diet? Or do you eat seperate things entirely?

Are you are a vegetarian? If nah then squeeze in some meat in there somewhere. Chicken (thigh is tastier), tuna and plenty of other meats aren’t that expensive. I like chicken kebabs or whole roast chickens for convenience and price.

I ain’t no dietician but there’s plenty of nutrients in meat that I’m not sure a whey based diet lol is gonna cover your bases

Protein powder isn’t that expensive compared to meat when you buy it in bulk and get the price per serve down.

Protein bars are not bang for your buck

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Forgot to mention that I also include whatever we eat which can be rice, chicken, pasta, etc. These are the things I track personally.

How about plain old whole milk? GOMAD