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Need Advice on my Bloodwork


Hey I am 24 years old 6 foot 195 pounds decent amount of muscle but also seem to store fat on my stomach and chest the most. I started noticing my low libido first about 2 years ago and now its pretty much zero. I also have trouble focusing, lethargic, no motivation, mild to moderate depression, cry easily/get emotional. I thought maybe I had low t after reading about it and here were my results

TOTAL TEST: 330 NG/DL and 313 NG/DL both tests done in the morning.
LH: 6.0 mIU/mL
PROLACTIN: Did 2 tests because doctor was concerned it was a little high 18.2 NG/ML AND 13.2 NG/ML
TSH: 1.920 UIU/ML
T4: 7.6 UG/DL
FT4: 1.20 NG/DL
T3: 117 NG/DL

Since my LH is on the high side I am thinking my testes are just having trouble producing Test and I am primary and doctor wanted me to try Clomid restart but doubt that would help due to LH being normal. What is your opinion on my problem? Any advice would help really trying to figure this thing out, thanks.


Anyone? Really looking for some input would really appreciate it


Dude you posted this first post exactly one minute before posting your second. You realize this isn't a chat room right?

You need to go back and use the function to add lab ranges for the bloodwork.

A clomid challenge is astoundingly retarded suggestion by your doc, since you're pituitary already seems to be producing adequate LH. Question him on this and figure out what the fuck he is thinking. You probably need to fire him.

Some people think adding DHEA when you are primary (since it converts to test) may help but that never worked for me or anyone else I've ever seen on here. Most likely path for you is TRT.

May want to investigate a pituitary MRI since you have high prolactin (did you masturbate or have sex within 12 hours of the test?). But this is rarely the case, anecdotally.


Hey sorry about that I posted last week and edited something so thats why it must have showed up a minute after. Thanks for the input I actually just got results from a recent blood test, doctor wanted to make sure I was low and my results were just crazy.

TOTAL TEST: 124 ng/dl Range: 250-1100 ng/dl
FREE TEST: 23.7 PG/ML RANGE: 46-224 ng/dl
LH: 3.4 mIU/mL Range 1.5-9.3 mIU/mL
FSH: 1.3 Range: 1.6-8.0 mIU/mL
PROLACTIN:10 ng/dl Range: 2-18 ng/dl
Estradial: 28 ng/dl

Just came back from the ENDO he was about to prescribe me androgel then I convinced him for 100mg test weekly then all of a sudden hes like maybe we should try HCG monotherapy for 3-6 months and that might restart my system. Has anyone had any experience with this, was so close to actually getting some real treatment and now might have been set back 3-6 months with HCG.