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Need Advice on My 2nd Cycle

5’8 168 lbs 14% BF
I’m 30 and been working out for 5 years. 1st cycle was a year ago Test E 500mg/W

I’m a total beginner to juice, so I don’t really have much knowledge, except for the stickies from Furious George and some research on the net. So please take it easy on me if u find the following cycle stupid!

I am prone to hair loss so I’ve decided to take finasteride since I also need to be careful with my prostate. My prostate can’t take high doses of Test. My goal is to gain a few lbs with minimum water retention and lose some fat.

Weeks 1-8:
500mg testosterone /W
2.5mg Finasteride ED
20 mg of Tamoxifen ED
50mg of clomid EOD

(100 mg Deca/w) A small does, would it work if I add this to the cycle since I’m also taking Finasteride

8 weeks is too short, but I wanna minimize the sides, yet taking clomid and nolva during the cycle might not be a very good idea? (I’m asking)
I know taking nolca, finasteride and clomid during the cycle minimizes my gains but again my goal is to gain SOME mass

I was also wondering if I need hCG with this kindda cycle.

W 11-14 clomid and nolva for PCT since I’m taking them during the cycle?!

Again I’m sorry if u find this nonsense!

I’d appreciate your comments

If you are really prone to hairloss and want to keep your hair I would consider running more deca and less test. And for an eight week cycle, don’t run deca, run phenylproprionate instead. How much hair did you lose after your last cycle? I would also drop the daily tamoxifen and eod clomid and use arimidex for estrogen control. Plus 250 iu of HCG 2x per week. And if you do run nandrolone, DONT run finasteride with it.

I just saw your weight, how much have you actually gained in the last 5 years? If its not much, I would seriously assess your diet and training before even considering touching gear again. If you don’t know what you’re doing wrong, then find a decent trainer and pay them to show you what to do.