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Need Advice on Muscle Building

hi i have been going to the gym 5 to 6 times a week doing 2 hour plus sessions for 4 months i have been lifting as heavy as i am capable off in doing low reps i am currently taking creatine tablets daily plus drinking a muscle and size gainer and i have upped my protein consumption to over 200 grams a day but im still not building any muscle is there something else i need to take or any advice anyone can give me would be greatly appreciated


In order for anyone on here to better assist you, I’m going to post some questions so we can better understand your day-to-day situation as well as the causes for your ‘lack of muscle’(also I know Colucci is going to ask you this, so i’ll save him some time).

  1. What is your gym routine? I don’t know anyone who does 2h+ gym sessions as part of their normal routine. That sounds dangerous and excessive in order to build muscle.

  2. Excluding your supplement use, what do you eat on a daily basis? Can you re-call the last two days, meal by meal? List them.

  3. The supplements you are taking are completely unnecessary, in my opinion, you are just wasting money. Don’t believe me? Read your post again.

  4. I would keep the creatine, but perhaps switch away from pills to a powder(#4 has absolutely nothing to do with your ‘lack of muscles’).

  5. You consume “over 200 grams a day” of protein. What about your other macro-nutrients? Fiber? What about micro-nutrients? This question will partly be answered by your answer to #2.

  6. Realistically, what does your sleeping schedule look like?

Cut your lifting time to less than an hour, for a beginner 2+ hours is excessive. Creatine is fine, no other supplements are really necessary. Assuming you’re not overweight right now, raise your carb and healthy fat intake. Protein intake is fine. Switch the ‘gainer’ for a Whey Isolate, gainers tend to be sugary crap. Don’t do a ton of extra cardio, short sessions a few days a week are fine, but if you’re running marathons, this can hinder your progress.

Also, 4 months is not a long time. Be patient.

If you want more/better help than this, give us more info. Age, weight, and height are relevant, as well as sport/training history.

Stop training so much. An hour, 3-4 times a week should be plenty. You should be training hard enough you couldn’t stay there 2 hours even if you wanted.
Get more sleep, if you can pull off 9 hours a night, do that.
If the core of your workout isn’t heavy compound lifts, make it that way. Weighted dips, weighted pullups, squats, deadlifts, rows, overhead press. Everything else you’re doing, throw it at the end, or just don’t do it at all.
If you’re not training your back and legs heavy, start doing that.

Also, learn to relax better. You sound stressed. Stress hinders muscle gains.


How’s the training going homie? Making gainz?