Need Advice On Lifting With Bad Back?

Hi, i was refered to this site by reading other sites trying to figure out what i should and shouldnt do while lifting. Im 22 6’4 265lbs on a big build. I lifted for about 5 months about 3 years ago and had good results while recovering from knee surgery. As of now im recovering from a herniated disk in my back, apparently the doctors said ive been over doing everything in my life so ill try not to do that anymore. I just recently signed up for a gym membership and now im looking for a routine that will consist of about 3-4 days a week, but im looking for advice on certain lifts i shouldnt do right now because of my back.

I am planning on setting up a doctors appt tommorrow to get his advice on what i shouldnt do, but i also wanted advice from some experienced lifters here. Sorry if my post is being long i just really want a good healthy workout, because the one thing they told me is if i lose weight my knee’s and back will feel much better. This summer ill be applying for some law enforcement jobs and would like to get in great shape for them, ive just started running again and feel lifting is the next step in the process. Please any suggestions are very much appreciated thank you.

Running might not be the best choice for your knees and back. Have you ever considered riding a bicycle?

It all depends on your physical condition and the status of your knees and back of course.

Most back-problems are due to weak muscless in the back. So you might wanna try some exercises like Romanian deadlift. Start light and GRADUALLY increase the weight.

But your doctor knows best of course. We can’t diagnose you over the web.