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Need advice on HPTA restart attempt

Hello, I have been reading here for a few months and finally am getting ready to start an HPTA restart as described here

First my most recent labs as of 5/5/2015, LEF.org:
TT 199 ng/dL range 348-1197 ng/dL
FT 7.4 pg/mL range 8.7-25.1
DHEA-S 297.7 ug/dL range 102.6
E2 13.7 pg/mL 7.6-42.6 Roche ECLIA method
PSA 0.5

I am 35 yo, currently 205 lbs 13% body fat
I started researching low T around January 2015, and started a training program following 5x5 Stronglifts combined with high protein, low simple carb and high fat diet. This brought my B fat down from 20% to the current 13. I feel much better , also reduced alchohol from drinking every night(few beers or half a bottle wine) to only drinking Fri or Sat, a little.So lifestyle changes were made thinking I had high aromatase because of the BF %.
Better erections now, morning wood almost every day and libido is improving compared to 3 months ago.

I have been supplementing with D3 @ 5000 IU/day, tribulus and horny goat weed, Magnesium aspartate and zinc.

Previous labs:

March 19 2015, Quest

TT 250 ng/dl range 247-850
TSH 1.6

December 2014

TT 245 range 237-850 (Different lab)
TSH 1.4

December 2013

TT 260 range 250-850
TSH 1.6

All of the above labs are done by different laboratories because of different insurance at different times.
My PCP would not test free T or E2, so I went through LEF.org for the last and most current.
Symptoms are brain fog, poor recovery from physical excersise, low libido, no stamina. I had mild gyno since puberty that never went away, left with puffy nipples. Always was with higher BF, probably around 20 and I am currently in my best shape at 13% BF and managed to even put on a few pounds of muscle with this pathetic low T, can’t imagine what it will be to get to 500-600 ng/dL.
Injected AAS twice at 18 years old, that is two injections of deca, not two cycles and that is all,
I am planning on trying the HPTA restart as outlined by KSMAN, please give me any thoughts you may have on the lab results and possible course of action.

evaluate your overall thyroid function by checking your oral body temperature

  • see thyroid basics sticky

You need labs:
LH/FSH before any TRT

Please read the advice for new guys sticky. Need more info. Such as when did all of this start?

You also need to read the ‘finding a TRT doc sticky’.

Do you feel that the deca damaged your hormones?

I don’t understand how good your progress is with those low T levels. Must be sheer determination.

Hello Ksman, thank you for the quick response!
My PCP dismissed me and will not do any test other than complete metabolic panel and TT. I did not see any option on LEF for LH/FSH

This has always been how I felt, symptom-wise, all my adult life, but did not know better. Then I started suspecting, reading and got TT consistently low, in the mid 200s range 3 years in a row. PCP offered to send me to a urologist who would give me a test shot if I really insist but he said I am in the normal range while at the same time prescribed me statins for cholesterol 10% so I got HCG, nolva and arimidex, LEF membership and will try to do this on my own with the help of the huge amount of info on this forum.
I don’t have a thermometer but I will get one and post back the temperatures.

To reply about the deca, I don’t know if it damaged my hormones, it was a while back, 17 years ago> All I remember is I went from 175 decent shape to a 210 flabby, probably 23% BF, I did not know how to work out and eat then, there were no forums :slight_smile:

Are you in USA? Order your own labs [Labcorp] via lef.com. [probably still on sale now, get membership for lowest cost]
Check Labcorp site to see if draw station near you
There are other places where you can order labs.
NY and some other places try to make this difficult or impossible.

This is what I did, the latest lab that has TT and FT and E2 is from LEF, great value and super easy, had the result next day. Also I am in NJ so I had to go to PA to get blood drawn.

I just found the FSH/LH test on the LEF website and bought it, doing it next week when I can make the trek to PA, must have missed it last time.

I am going the route of self help as the couple doctors I went to dismissed me as healthy and not needing anything(I look younger than I am and somewhat athletic, but this is very hard work, so they think I am fishing for prescription test). So I am tired of their BS, also it is cheaper for me to get my own tests through LEF rather than begging my PCP, hoping that maybe he will listen, then with all the copays and office visit fees it ends up more expensive and much more frustrating.

Just got my FSH/LH labs back:

FSH 1.5 mIU/mL 1.5-12.4 RN
LH 2.8 mIU/mL 1.7-8.6 RN

Body temps have been 97.4- 97.7 upon waking for the past few days, but I had to wake up earlier than usual because of work.

4 pm is 98.6 always