Need Advice on How to Organize Things

Hey guys. I need some solid advice over here on how to organize things for the next 31weeks. Basically, till July 1st, 2015.
On July I will be going to Europe and I am planning to add as much muscle mass and to be as lean as I could with the time I have.

So far, I have been blasting for 12weeks.

I am planning to bulk for 12more weeks. Than I could cruise for 4weeks and start a 14week cut with the time I have left.

What would you guys suggest?
To be more clear this is what I’ve done so far:

Test e week 1-12: 175mg eod
Tren ace week 1-9: 100mg eod
Npp week 7-12: 120mg eod
Test prop week 9-12: 100mg eod

If I bulk for 12more weeks, I will drop test prop and bump enanthate to 960mg per week (from 175mg to 275mg eod).
I would also drop npp because I don’t like what it’s doing and I find it a dirty drug.

I could replace npp for tren again (dry compound and doesn’t give me acne) and I could also throw in some dbol (estrogenic side effects controllable with adex).
I recently bought alot of tren and dbol. I could run tren at 350mg per week again (350 is my sweet spot on a bulk) and throw in dbol at 30mg ed. I have 2g of dbol on me.

The downside is I could only run dbol for 5-6weeks.
For tren, it loses its efficacity by week 8.

Anyways, what do you guys suggest? I really need a solid plan and goal over here. Thanks for all who are willing to read my thread and help out