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Need Advice on How to Get Better

Ive gotten multiple tests saying my total t was 438 and available t was a 7.
Im 320lbs and type 2 diabetic. I struggle with diet and depression. Ive lifted in the past and have no issue gaining strength and muscle. Wanted to go on trt to help with mood and wieght in hopes that i can get off diabetic meds. Drs give me run around and clinics just want a wad of $$.
Long term i would hope that my natural t was high enough to keep me balanced with the wieght off.

Any advice besides “eat less you fat bastard” would be greatly appreciated.

How much money is that?

I think you really need to get your diet squared away and what the root cause of your depression is. Lifting and working out won’t do much for weight loss if your diet is complete shit. I used the myfitnesspal app and it really helped me. I was eating fairly healthy but the wrong amounts for what I was shooting for. Put the app on your phone and use it, no cheating!! For the depression there is a root cause for it. If you know what it is, man up and deal with it. If you aren’t sure maybe some help from a therapist is what you need. How old are you?

Last time I looked at it it was couple hundred a month because it is not covered by insurance. More than I can do.

Trt while being very overweight and not working out is a recipe for worse health problems.

Keeping looking around. You should be able to find something closer to $100 a month and certainly no more than $150. Usually, guys here will make some recommendations.

While not recommended, I know some who have lost 40-60 lbs. on TRT without changing their eating habits or exercising. Some of them have even been able to stop blood pressure and/or diabetes meds.

That is good to know. I guess it is dependent on the individual. If his body is otherwise healthy and he keeps his dose therapeutic then he’d limit the risk while benefiting from the increased metabolism and lbm. If he runs a cruise while smoking and eating mcd’s all day then it’s just gas on the fire.

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40 yr.
depression isn’t a single issue. Just comes on like a cold and lingers a while. Ive “manned up” more times than i can count and taken counseling. It’s been a issue off and on since puberty.
As far as diet ive done MyFitnessPal and dropped 20lbs several times. Just after a month or 2 i hit a fck this patch and gain it back. Just being open about it.

Thank you for your response

TRT doesn’t have to be expensive, you have to shop around. You can get TRT for $100-$150 monthly via telemedicine. TRT can reverse Type 2 diabetes and some middle aged men with low-T lose glucose control.

A lot of providers are hesitant to prescribe TRT because of all the low quality studies regarding heart attacks, strokes and prostate cancer.

You didn’t provide any reference ranges for your lab values, but the Free T appears low and while not the most accurate, your Total T is barely acceptable. Good thyroid hormone levels are needed for fat loss, otherwise your metabolism will make losing weight nearly impossible.

You should check TSH, Free T4, Free T3, Reverse T3, Thyroglobulin Antibodies (TgAb) and
Peroxidase (TPO) antibodies to see if your thyroid is part of the problem.

If you don’t eat enough your T will decline and also your body will go into starvation mode and lower metabolism and is why calorie restriction only works in the short term until you start losing muscle. You need to eat, just watch what you eat.

Middle aged men aren’t expected to be able to increase testosterone by a large degree (400->800) and are more likely to develop diabetes when T starts declining.

I can put you in touch with a telemedicine clinic that charges $150/month including T (email in bio but only email me if you are sure you want to go through with it). I was suffering from weight gain & depression (amongst other things) and TRT helped me a lot. Being as heavy as you are you are going to have issues in the beginning with Testosterone. It will help you lose weight after the initial 10-15lb water weight gain that will go away on its own (took about 4 months for me). Also, just getting on T is not a walk in the park. You could even feel worse initially while your body gets used to hormones. So I would be happy to connect you as long as you understand what you are getting yourself into. Long term it’s been life changing for me but there was a very rough period in the beginning. I started at 205 lbs and dropped to around 175lbs then built muscle and got to current 187lbs. There’s pics of me going through it if you search “TRT credentials thread”. TRT has been one of the best decisions of my life but there were times in the beginning where it felt like the worst decision especially before I dropped the weight.

This may be a controversial statement to some but doing keto is what made me drop the weight and it works incredibly well especially for someone with poor eating habits (I dropped 30+lbs eating cheese, bacon, and ultra fatty meat just basically no carbs). Once I got to a comfortable weight I reintroduced carbs to help with gaining muscle and while my diet isn’t ideal currently I can keep from getting fat.

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Depression? Take2.5-5mg of Cialis daily. This should increase bloodflow to your brain and other parts of your body. My depression went away within days after I started taking it. Its cheaper and not a life commitment. Try that first. Then consider TRT. Seriously, try taking it for a few weeks and watch your energy:mood switch gears.

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I’ll add that due to some unfortunate events in 2019, my workout routine took a dive during the several months I was beginning TRT. I did gain weight during that time, part of it being fat. So it’s not weight loss in a syringe for everyone.

Looking forward to this year to see what I can do with the right routine back in place!

Been reading about this lately as an added benefit of Cialis.

My only thing is the more I take it, the less pronounced its effect on erections. I was on 5mg daily for a few weeks years ago and it lost effectiveness until I stopped for a couple of weeks.