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Need Advice on How to Eat

So about 3 months ago I was into working out A LOT. Had a diet down, had my workout plan going, and i was lookin good. but school started and then I stopped going to the gym because it was really hard to balance school and the gym since i had so much hw. But i want to really try now.

But one thing

my family does not buy good food AT ALL. We are also a little on the poor side. So food is not a constant thing, at least healthy food isnt. Since im at school I can get that 4 meals in that I would need to get in at school. I only have 5 min passing periods, and I can eat in class.

how do you guys recommend I go about this?

btw I know someone is gonna say it, “Well if you are so poor why do you have internet.” Our cable was off for a month, and we still dont have any cell phone service because my dad thinks internet is more important that phones. We also didnt have tv for a few weeks.

Just thought id let that be known so the thread does not go off topic from the start.

try to bum food off your friends man haha umm these articles could help you out. sorry about u not doing good with money and such. hope it gets better for u dude

I’m in a similar situation to you right now. I eat 4000 kcal on less than $10 a day. I can help you set up your diet since i’ve been as low as 2000 kcal on $4 a day.
The hardest part was trying to stay low carb and still get fiber since fibrous veggies are pretty expensive.

First, the most calorie dense per dollar foods are…
eggs, nuts, whole milk.

The most protein dense per dollar…
Canned tuna/salmon, eggs, chicken breasts, ground beef/turkey, whey powder.

The most fiber rich per dollar is…cold-milled FLAXSEED.
Everything else is more expensive.

Other important foods worth your money…

VEGGIES(Broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, mustard greens, spinach, many others…)

I probably left a lot out here. Need more info on your stats and goals.
PM me if you need help on manipulating these and/or other foods, meals etc…
I’ve had a lot of experience budgeting for food.
Good luck.

Nuts are a great source of calories and fats, and you can snack on those pretty much 24/7.

As for eating clean on a budget, I feel your pain, being in college. I shop at bulk stores (go Costco!)so I get way more food for the money.

I cut out junk food, restaurants, buying useless shit I don’t need, most alcohol, TV, etc. and use the money to buy myself more clean food. Meats, eggs, pasta, frozen vegetables, mixed nuts and dried fruit.

If your family isn’t into good healthy food, learn to cook and start cooking your own meals.

Are you bulking or cutting?

Cutting is cheaper, especially if you’ve got stuff to occupy your time outside of gym.

Bodyweight pounds in protein grams. Awhile back I calculated the cost per gram of protein (approximate). It was interesting.

Eggs: 2 cents/gram
Beans: 1 cent/gram (and great fiber too)
Ground beef: 2 cents/gram
Tuna fish: 2 cents/gram
Textured Vegetable Protein: .33cents/gram (but is soy, and is therefore questionable)

Whey is good, but if your family is on the cheap, you’re not gonna get’em to shell out for $30 for 5lbs all at once. And it’s usually about 3 cents/gram, which gets more expensive as you eat more.

The rest of your calories shouldn’t be too much of a problem. Nuts have already been suggested, eggs and flaxseed too (and if you buy in bulk and grind it yourself… assuming you have a coffee grinder or something like it… flaxmeal is pretty cheap to make from it. Don’t eat flaxseed whole- your body can’t digest past the husk). I imagine it’s hard living with a family that can’t support your positive goals. Such is life. Good luck.

You dont say where your from but did you think about hitting people you know that hunt for meat, I don’t hunt but alot of my friends do. I get a freezer full of Deer, Antelope, Elk every year becouse my friends like to hunt more than they can eat.