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Need Advice on HCG

Hi all, been reading these forums for years but this is my first post. I have just started a cycle of sustanon 250 at 500mg a week. Had my first shot and everything went well, but I also have some HCG I plan on running at 250iu eod. I have never used it before and assumed it would be easier to use than its turning out. The HCG I have is Pregnyl 5000, so it should last me roughly 5 weeks, my problem with it being the kit has 2 ampoules, one containing 1ml of water, the other ampoule with the dry HCG powder at the bottom. 1ml of water to mix 5000ius worth of HCG seems strange, and once it is mixed there is no where to store it as its the small glass amps that you break the top off. Can anyone please give me some advice on if I need more water and how to mix it and what container to store it in, I know it needs to be refrigerated but confused on what to store it in. Any advice is much appreciated! Cheers

Pregnyl 5000 is designed as a one-shot deal. So here’s what you need to do:
-get a sterile vial (Amazon has these)
-get bac water so you can make a better dilution
-prepare your mixture with a larger syringe barrel (large enough to accommodate the water being used
-mix the solution in the ampule
-draw it out and inject it into the sterile vial
-from then on you can draw it with an insulin syringe and needle and inject with that

250 eod is probably too much, just FYI. You should be able to get away with 250 twice a week.

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Ah legend thanks for that mate! put my mind at ease couldn’t seem to find anything anywhere online. Yeah seen mixed opinions on how much to use a week and would prefer to have less injections obviously, does it matter when I take it in conjunction with test or can I use them on the same day? Also just so I understand once I’ve made the mixture and its ready, how much water should I be ideally drawing up too contain 250ius of hcg? Sorry if this comes across as stupid just never used it before and trying to wrap my head around it. Really appreciate you getting back to me cheers for that

So it can be confusing at first, especially since the package lists the actual HCG in IUs, but we also measure the liquid in IUs, and they’re different things.

If you mix 5000iu of HCG with 1ml of water then you get a concentration of 5iu HCG per .01ml (or 1iu) of liquid. So to take 250iu you’d inject 25iu (25 hash marks on your insulin syringe).

Understood cheers mate, ordered some more bac water incase and some vials. Thanks again.

Just wanted to add something that for all I know is BS but I think it is accurate. The HCG molecule is supposed to be very fragile. When you put the liquid in with the powder hold the ampule at like 50-60 degrees and just slowly let the liquid run down the side. Then very gently stir it. When you draw it up to transfer it into the sterile vile again hold it at an angle and slowly let it run down the side. When you add in the bacteriostatic water again let it slowly run down the side. When it is all done and into the vile and diluted NEVER shake the vile always roll it gently before you draw your injection out of it.

Supposedly if that bottle with the diluted HCG moves enough to form bubbles then it is moving enough to damage the molecule.

Like I said I do t know for sure that this is accurate but I have read something similar to this at a number of sites.

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