Need Advice on Havoc Cycle

I been reading up on havoc and thinking about starting a cycle here in the near future. this will be the first time I’ve cycled anything and would like some advice on how to properly take it because from what ive read everyone cycles it differently, and also what I need to cycle with havoc, also a pct

you’ll need to run injectable testosterone with it, as oral-only cycles are shit. If you’re unwilling to do that, you shouldn’t take the havoc.

Surprised you were able to get havoc in the first place. That stuff has nearly disappeared. It’s been off the market for YEARS. And it was very popular. I can’t imagine there are very many bottles still in existence.

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I haven’t heard of using test whole taking havoc, I have a friend who has taken it and didn’t use injected test or oral,

if you haven’t even HEARD of using test while running an oral steroid, you seriously don’t know anything. Testosterone should ALWAYS been run along with any oral. period. Do some fucking research dude. Like, a basic google search for a beginner cycle would have told you that. Don’t be stupid, don’t fuck your body up.

Ah from what I’ve read havoc is a prohormone, didn’t know a prohormone was a steroid, yea I know you have to take a test while on a steroid, this is where I was confused because my friend and his brother took it and never took a test with it.

Oh and thank you for your input, I was going off what my friend said and he’s obviously a dumbass…

epistane (the active ingredient in havoc) is ABSOLUTELY a steroid. It gets called a prohormone by some people, but they are wrong. Even prohormones should be run with test though. just fyi.

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Gotcha, I haven’t ran anything before and how I was told to take it is completely wrong, I asked my friend if he ran any test with it and he said no, he did take a test booster after it, like a animal test or something like that… but he curently has lower test levels than what he should normally have… and thank you for the info, glad I didn’t listen to him…