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Need Advice on Going from HRT to First Cycle

35 years old, been on TRT for 8 years. Never done over 225mg cyp a week. Lifting for 20 years, definitely hit both my natural and TRT plateaus. Looking to upgrade to a cycle above TRT doses. I’ve narrowed it down to 3 different options based on what’s available and safe for me to acquire right now:

  • bump up to 500mg cyp
  • add 300mg EQ to my 200mg cyp
  • add 100mg prop to my 200 mg cyp

I know these are on the mild side, people are probably going to say I need to add more to see any legitimate gains. I’m not a pro or fitness model, I just want to take it slow and see how this goes.

Which would you pick? I’m 178lbs, always been super lean, hard gainer.

Let’s see. Physique pics and numbers for all your lifts?

Increase the cyp. Yeah, you’re right, I was going to suggest 3× to 675mgs EW for 8 weeks but 500mgs is cool. See how that goes first. It’s your best option imo.

So you suggest the increase in cyp vs introducing the EQ? Curious as to why if you don’t mind sharing

Because it’s best. Any solid cycle has test as a base. Also, not a big fan of EQ. Have to take large amount for minimal gain, imo.
A test only cycle is a good cycle by itself. You can advance down the road. I’d recommend deca if you wanted a nice bulker.

I would bump the test dose to 500. I think you’ll see way more results off that. I’ve been running 250 test e, 300 eq and 300 deca for 6 weeks now. Been doing an experiment on myself to see what kind of gains but they have been minimal to say the least. Probably a waste of my money lol. B double your test dose.

I was going to go w the Test/EQ but my close buddy just started the same routine about 6 weeks ago. He swears starting week two he started feeling “weird”. Can’t describe it but says he feels mentally off, like he’s zoned out or doesn’t feel himself. I’ve been a bit weary to use EQ since then. I’ve seen people report EQ can make you anxious, etc… if EQ does come w the potential for mental side effects, I’d probably steer clear and stick w all test.