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Need Advice on Fragments/Peptides

Ok, so I’ve decided for a variety of reasons including time management and genetic predispositions to injury that I need to limit my workouts (I’m an amateur with a big mouth) to more of a social thing. But I still want to get back to being cut. Fat is not an option, or is rather as much a risk factor as smoking and as much a detriment to my well being as anything else. So I’d rather my risks align with the things that are going to provide a good wellbeing.

So I’m looking at Frag 176-191 and it seems pretty safe and like it would be effective. Has anyone had results with light workouts and a fairly sedentary lifestyle? Genetics say I should be half a pound underweight, I’m just fat cuz I was fat as a kid. If I can get rid of the fat permanently, I may be able to keep it off for the most part, or with just periodic use of something that works. I’m not trying to bulk up, I just want what I have to be more pronounced and look decent, but I like the bodybuilder attitude.

So I’m looking for people who have had success with peptide supplements with little to no working out.

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Ok, so I’ve decided for a variety of reasons including time management and genetic predispositions to injury that I need to limit my workouts (I’m an amateur with a big mouth) to more of a social thing [/quote]
So you are too busy & too fearful of possibly injuring yourself (based on family history of exercise injuries?) to work hard in the gym?

Newsflash. You are fat because you consume more calories than you burn.

C’mon bro. Put in the work in the gym & the kitchen before you look for a magic supplement. Guys that are successful on the juice were driven & successful before the juice.

Yeah, the first part is correct. I’m not springing back as well as I used to. So it’s important that I avoid injury. I can still do stuff like sticks… maybe… I’d probably get bored.

Working out shortens your life by about 5 years of free time over your lifespan and doesn’t significantly extend it while leading to more painful ends of life.

In my opinion, gene therapy and safe weight loss drugs should be expedited… statistically, obesity is a terminal illness, yet both excess muscle and excess fat tell us to eat more, and repetitively injuring oneself leads to weight gain behavior resulting in only 3% of the population being able to stay thin for 5 years after all that. The numbers are hopeless, but if you can provide consistency such as via drugs, then you can get to your optimal weight and enjoy working out as a nice social activity without the risk of injury and have all the fun either way. Otherwise, every visit to the gym comes with fear of injury and workouts that are too conservative to be worthwhile.

So unless the frags are just a confidence placebo, I think they would be the way to go.

Your posts indicate 1 of 2 possible situations, IMHO.

  1. You are trolling.
  2. You have never exercised hard & eaten well for any 8+week consecutive timeframe.

If it’s the former, good job you got a nibble.

If the latter, just poke around here in the forums & read the articles on the main t-nation site. Many of them are based on peer reviewed studies, most are based on real world experience of athletic coaches & dieticians.

Hard work will make you not break you.

  1. No, just speaking my feelings openly. Maybe I’m just a natural troll… but I seek to inspire others to see the value of my thinking and make genetic and cosmetic perfection a thing. I’m a futurist and health philosopher. I know I could go gallantly into working my ass skinny and tell myself I’ll be fine, but I’ve studied my genome and I know better now. I kinda wish I could, and then just get a robot body or better yet, a new bioprinted one!

  2. I’ve worked out alot more than that. But those days are over for me.

I respect anyone who posts here, but I’ve never heard such things my friend. You don’t want to work out because you might get hurt? Because it doesn’t extend your life? This makes no sense unless you have a specific idea of when you’re going to die. You don’t have to work hard to hurt yourself. I know someone who tore cartilage in a knee just by standing up from the floor. So why not work hard and reap the benefits? At best, it will be amazing, at worst, you’ll be no more injured then you would be by a sedentary lifestyle. Seriously, please update us on how this idea works out for you. Good luck! (And I don’t mean that sarcastically my friend.)

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