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Need Advice on First Cycle


I recently purchased one Deca250 and one Test Prop100.
I need advice for first time user on dosage, best anti-estrogen to use and what to do for post!
Please help!


The best advice I could give you would be to put them in your sock drawer and spend the next month on these forums reading.


I agree with @rs6avant. A little research goes a long way… Ya might wanna get online and educate yourself before you get on a cycle and have no clue on what you are doing.


Also in addition to what @rs6avant and @moosejuice0311 said. You didn’t buy enough test anyway.


Totally missed the part where you said you only bought one bottle of each… Umm good luck on your 1-2 week cycle. I don’t know of anyone who just gets one bottle of something. Even when trying new gear, You wanna have enough to run a cycle… not a 2 week trial haha. Common sense applies as well as research.


You are running 19-nor with test P for first cycle? did you at least buy caber?


lmao, two week trial! this reminded me of the AoL CD for internet lmao


That show age man.


Those things made the best Frisbee’s.