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Need Advice on Direction To Go


This is my first post here, so I apologize if I leave any important information out that you are all use to.

Right now I am 6' 195 pounds with a high body fat % i'm sure. I just started lifting 5 months ago and have lost 25 pounds since. ATM, I am uncertain wether I want to lose weight or build muscle.

I'm under the impression that you can't lose weight while gaining muscle or strength. I guess what I'm trying to ask is, would it be more beneficial to just focus on building muscle and strength since I am still a beginner or should I still do a lot of cardio and focus on burning my fat away. Any thoughts?


As a beginner, you should just focus on a proper diet, good structured program suited for a beginner and getting enough rest in between training session, and not worry about anything else as long as you are having fun and you are improving on your lifts :slight_smile:


Pick a good total body program and do it as well as you can...go by your lifts, like the guy said, and eat clean. I think it's important that you kinda lean toward where you wanna go goal-wise...if you have a really chubby midsection, try to calculate "maintenance" or slightly below calories...if you want more size now, eat a slight surplus.


25 lbs in 5 months is great, that's a nice sustainable rate. Time the rest periods during your routines and gradually shorten them. That will start driving your metabolism up and cause increased weight loss while continuing to build muscle. You can have both to some extent. The clean diet is important as well.


My diet is pretty clean and stable. The only problems I ever run into is drinking with friends. That really hinders my goals.