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Need Advice on Diet



Can you please give me some opinions of this diet plan please, a guy at my work is doing it (for fat loss) but I don't think it's the best idea mostly because it sounds like a variation of the cabbage soup fad diet - I'd rather stick with clean eating and working out!

Tina O'Dohertys Inch Loss Fat Burning Detox

Following this strict plan you will lose anywhere between 8 and 14lbs in only 7days.

The diet is chemical and not quantity and will gaurentee weight loss if followed to the letter.

Basic Fat Burning Soup (eaten daily, as much as you like)
4 Cans of Tomatos
Chicken Stock
1 Large Head of Cabbage
4 Onions
2 Green Peppers
1 bunch of celery
3 Tbs spoons of curry powder
salt/pepper to taste
Chopped corriander

Day 1
All fruits except bananas, and the "magic soup"

Day 2
Eat fresh, raw or canned veg until full (avoid dry beans, peas and corn) along with the soup until full. For dinner have a baked potato and butter

Day 3
Eat all the soup, fruit and veg you want

Day 4
Bannans and Skimmed Milk, eat upto 3 bananas throughout the day along with the soup. Drink upto 5 glasses of milk

Day 5
Soup at least once today then beef and upto 7 tomatos

Day 6
Soup at least once today, then upto 3 steaks and veg

Day 7
Soup at least once today, then unsweetend fruit juice and veg until your heart is content.

In my opinion this is going to do nothing other that leave him under-eating by a massive amount and throw his metabolism into starvation mode, more than likely resulting in gaining all the weight back and more.

What do you all think???


I concur.