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Need Advice on Dianabol Cycle


So i was wondering if i could get some advice on whether or not to try a dianabol cycle. I am 6'3 175 poounds and have been lifting 4 days a week and eating like a shark for the past 8 months and havent gained as much as i liked and i was thinking about dianabol to accomplish my goals. The thing i am debating about whether or not to take them is the fact that i am only 18. Any opinions? thanks!


18 years old is too young - you could damage the future health and full output of your natural hormonal system.

Dianabol alone will not accomplish anyones goals - 1 cycle of anything will not. Steroids arent THAT good!

8 months is a very, very, very small amount of time to be training - most have waited 3-5 years before thinking of using Steroids.

Train to absolute failure on every set. Eat 1.5g/lb bodyweight in whole proteins and powders, eat 3g/lb of carbs both complex and simple, eat 0.5g/lb of unsaturated fats. Repaet for 6 months and reassess training and diet - ie. Eat more and train with a higher volume, load, intensity.



If you haven't gained as much as you like whilst off - AAS won't help - least of all dianabol only.

OP has ticked all troll boxes;

dbol only,
and 18 years old.


Looking good dave! Very large mate.. but hold off on those presses for a while! :wink:



You've come up with a thrategy to eliminate unresearched/inane questions on this forum. The troll checklist...




Lol, overheads are my new favourite thing. Standard BBs always gave me intense shoulder pain - but my gym bought in logs. I love em!!


Sticky! lol.


Logs? Lucky motherfucker!



I'm also just the right height to use the standing calf press as a viking press-type implement. I wish I'd thought of that one a couple of years ago!


sick! I'm going to have to try that!!!


why wouldnt dianabol accomplish any goals? im planning on a 6 week cycle and hoping after weight retaining end up around 15 poounds heavier which i can see being not that hard since its dianabol and im skinny.
what difference does it make between someone who has trained for a year compared to 3 years before taking steroids?


1) You have trained 8 months, not a year.

2) Dianabol will give the user 10-20lbs ON cycle, but THE VAST MAJORITY of this will be lost POST cycle (Dbol only) as it is just water and intracellular fluids.

3) At 18 your HPTA (Testosterone production 'factory') is not fully matured, shutting it down at your age can easily have ramifications in later life (Dbol isnt too bad in that regard but worse than nothing).

4) AAS work much better in well trained individuals than in not so well trained individuals, so 8 months and 3-5 years have extremely different results when AAS are added - Fact. Shit, after 3 years you may well find you dont need any!

5) It takes YEARS to build muscle, AAS or not - and the majority of recreational AAS users (as you want to be) lose most of their gains soon after stopping, simply as they do not know how to train and eat to grow without.

6) Dianabol can be a great drug when used alongside other anabolic/androgenic steroids. Trenbolone for example, or Nandrolone.

7) I have not heard of anyone running a dbol only cycle and ending up 15lbs heavier, and i have seen alot of cycles (ie. 15lbs kept).

8) It is insulting to regular AAS users when people assume that all our hard work, often over many many years is all only achievable by drugs, or that all one needs to be a bodybuilder is juice up - trust me it takes as much determination, effort and discipline to be a muscular man.

Un-natural athletes train as hard - if not harder than natural athletes, they just get bigger. Responsible AAS use doesnt mean trying to use the drugs to get results without as much effort - it is using drugs to maximise the gains possible with the highest levels of training and discipline.

The sad truth is - and i tire of telling people this both in real life and online - that if you cant gain a pound without AAS when under 25-30 years old, you will not get much to keep from AAS.
Training and Diet are FUNDAMENTAL to bodybuilding - even if it is to gain just 10lbs (a goal unworthy of this board TBH).
If you cant eat enough or dont know HOW to eat enough (no, i dont mean chips, sausages and baked beans..) - as there are techniques involved in over-feeding (a necessity in weight gain), then that is what you need to focus on, instead of drugs.

Listen to yourself, did you really think that all one needed to do to 'get big' was to juice up? It is an embarrasing stereotype, and i suggest you stop insulting the long term users here and learn how to eat, train and recover.

Kind regards,



OP don't listen to them.

CGI Arnold in the new terminator movie did a 6 week dbol only, 150mg/d (Yes, he told me himself, before you ask).

He was hella swole. Just don't inject it directly in your butthole (common mistake with the newbs).


Come back in 2 more years and tell us


CGI Arnold is my hero. Thats all I'm doing from here out then!

Whats the cycle for being some of my other favorite CGI charcters?

I'd like an Uruk-hai cycle, as well as a Yoda cycle.